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Diamond Bangles - An Essential Wrist Jewellery

Diamond bangles have adorned and ornamented women’s dainty wrists forever. This accessory is used as a symbol of status, prosperity, and wealth. Wrists are the most visible part of an individual that symbolizes strength and gallantry. Wrists can be decorated with jewels during a formal dinner or a romantic walk.

Some of the premium bangles that you will find above are the diamond version of a bangdi, a sparkly avatar that you can wear to enhance your look. These make the ideal gift for your wife or mother since they are classic pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits over a long period. 

Latest Diamond Bangles Designs

These bangles are also symbolic of traditions and customs. Gone are the days when women buying diamond jewellery would stick to age-old designs. Young women these days have begun a love affair with diamonds, be it rings, earrings, pendants, or bangles. jewellery enthusiasts, who love diamonds and solitaires, take a flexible stand on designs - they love exploring, experimenting, and inventing customized designs for themselves. 

Designer Diamond Bangles

There is no shortage of contemporary, traditional, or fusion diamond bangles design. Even the delicate and thin designer bangles and bracelets by Candere come in various designs to cater to the needs of people. Candere creates innovations for you in diamond bracelets and bangles. 

Drool over the classic diamond wrist jewellery design for your festive or occasion wear. These pieces can make your outfit even more special for any occasion and add charm to your overall vibe without much ado. Make a complete set of personal diamond jewellery by matching your bangles with diamond earrings. Also, explore Candere’s solitaire bangles, gemstone bangles & platinum bangles and lightweight diamond bangles suitable for daily use.

Lightweight Diamond Bangles For Everyday Use

Lightweight bangles of diamonds are elegant and versatile. They are worth your bucks as you can pair them with different outfits. If you are a precious stone lover, check out the collection of Candere bangles available in different lightweight designs. By buying this accessory, you can enhance your look for a special occasion without making a hole in your pocket. This type of bangle is also suitable for everyday use. 

Make your wrist look beautiful and steal millions of hearts wherever you go with the help of this jewellery. Candere's bangles offer beauty and radiance to match your style and elegance. Among all the diamond accessories, if you have any special event to attend, bangles are a must-have in your collection. 

Do not worry if you want to avoid heavy jewellery on your wrist, as Candere has covered you. You can find lightweight bangles in multiple designs and buy the one that matches your aesthetic. Style this accessory with a dainty diamond pendant and make people turn around as you pass through them. 

Diamond Bangles For Special Occasions

If there is an occasion that you have to attend, you can find the perfect designer diamond bangle to match your outfit. You could also make pairs of bangles with gold bangles or bracelets for added effect. Although a fusion collection, the design creates fashion sensations and tantalizes onlookers.

When there is a plethora of beautiful designs for you, why restrict yourself or limit yourself to one or two pieces? Match them to your moods, personality, events, or other jewellery pieces you have. Make statements with your gorgeous diamond bracelets for a sensational evening with friends or dinner with your loved ones. Candere’s diamond accessory designs are versatile, so they can suit any outfit you have. 

Also, explore ruby bangles, stone bangles, pearl bangles, available in various designs.

Diamond Bangles For Women

Do you love peacocks? You will be delighted that Riddhi Diamond Bangle has six peacock head designs to adore your wrists! If you are fond of such classic designs, you can also opt for Dakshita Diamond Kada and Hrishithi Diamond Bangle.

Modern Diamond Bangles Designs

For simpler designs, you can go for the elegant Jacqueline Diamond Bangle, Ishita Diamond Bangle, and Bhavya Diamond Bangle. And for regular use, you can go for bangles like Aasha Diamond Bangle with princess cut solitaires or the Aananadini Diamond Bangle and Dhanvi Diamond Bangle with round pointers. 

Similarly, the beautiful Pacheli Bangles will make you feel like a Rajput princess. So you can get the Pacheli Star and Pacheli Subtle Bangles with their fine filigree work for a luxurious look. 

Gold Bangle With Diamonds

For those looking for budget bangles, there are miracle plate bangle designs that include designs like Divine Rays Miracle Plate Diamond Bangle and kadas – Diamond Mesh Miracle Plate Bangle, as well as traditional designs like Urban Elegance and Namya.

Diamond Bangles as an Anniversary Gift

Aren’t diamonds magical and have a hypnotizing effect? Candere keeps recreating this magic with diamonds with innovation in the latest diamond bangles and designs for all price ranges. Gift an elegant bangle, Kada, or bracelet to your lady on your first anniversary to bring a smile to their face. 

Celebrate this togetherness by buying your loved one the diamond bangle she likes and setting the benchmark high for your relationship. You can choose the one from multiple designs available to ensure she cannot take her eyes away from those diamonds! Cherish the love and spice up your romance with diamonds!

Diamond Bangles Online

Here are a few bracelet suggestions from budget to luxury wear in various styles and designs. 

  • If you are a solitaire lover, you can choose the Frele and Vanilla Diamond Bracelets. 
  • People who prefer more traditional Kadas can select the Stars and Stripes Diamond Bracelet, whereas Kalamkari Diamond Kada is more convenient to use as it is openable. 
  • For the minimalists, Candere has a series of delicate bracelets like the New Leaf Diamond Bracelet, The Forest Fairy Diamond Bracelet, Friends Forever Diamond Bracelet, Joy Diamond Bracelet-cum-Pendant that can be customized according to your preferences. 

Designer Diamond Bangles

There are beautiful, pretty, very feminine, and dainty designer diamond bangles on Candere. You can find the one that matches your personality or make your selection easier based on your mood and the occasion you attend. Try the cross-curved Neeharika Diamond Bangle with pretty leaves for your party or any other diamond bangles from Candere for your best friend’s marriage.

Diamond Bangles Designs With Price

Prices for diamond bracelets are according to size and design. The all-solitaire diamond bangle looks gorgeous when paired with a saree or lehenga. You could choose a solitaire or multi-stone setting for your diamond bangle and decide upon your diamond sizes from 0.05 ct to 11 carats and above. Choose the bangle that suits your budget and pair the accessory with your favorite outfit on special occasions. 

Certified Diamond Bangles

You can expect only authentic and certified jewellery from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking and IGI, GIA-certified diamonds, and gemstones. After purchasing your favorite bangle, you can ask for an invoice and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Buy Diamond Bangles Set Online

You can buy multiple bangles of diamond to pair it up with attires like a gown, saree, and lehengas on special occasions. Invest your money on diamond bangles sets, as they are versatile and can be paired in multiple ways. 

Candere offers you multiple bangle designs, and you can choose the one that reflects your persona. Wearing the right diamond jewellery not only ties your look together but also represents your societal symbol or status. Look magnificent wherever you go by pairing this bangle set with a gorgeous outfit and ensure that all eyes are on you. You can now buy this accessory online from the comfort of your home.

You may explore and compare various diamond wrist jewellery collections in one convenient spot from anywhere at any time when you shop online. You can see and choose the best bangles design in only a few minutes. Shopping online for jewellery has become a breeze, especially when you have so many safe and secure payment options to choose from. 

In addition to typical payment methods like Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit card, and Cash on Delivery, Candere has a part payment plan. The installment option allows you to spread the cost of your jewellery from Candere online shop out over several months. 

Types of Diamond Bangles

Bangles have always been an essential ornament for Indian women to groom themselves to match their attire. The traditional attire would be incomplete without bangles. Some married women also wear gold bangles as a symbol to showcase their commitment to their spouses. 

Wearing bangles in India is not only a fashion statement but also holds sentimental, traditional, and auspicious values. Regardless of your reason for wearing the ornament, you could always choose to buy a bangle that can make your wrist look appealing. 

Bangles as an ornament have many meanings rooted within the Indian tradition some of which symbolize continuity, eternity, and the circle of life. The eternity bangles in the catalog of Candere symbolize the same and can be an excellent option to choose from. 

The eternity or the cycle of life is showcased with diamonds embedded that go all around the circular bangle. It's also an expression of what goes around comes around. With different variations of eternity bangles at Candere, you will find some pieces that are sure to astound you. Also, the Kadas for women in the collection speaks bounds. From simple yet elegant pieces of kadas to ones that are outrageously extravagant, you will find them all. If you like elegant yet dazzling designs, here are some suggestions for bangles you can buy at Candere:

  • Heer Diamond Kada
  • Aradhya Diamond Kada
  • Anupama Diamond Kada
  • Nirali Diamond Kada
  • Khyati Diamond Kada
  • Hayate Diamond Kada 

Bridal Diamond Bangles Design

The variety of bangles in Candere’s collection is designed for every occasion and event. Be it traditional, ethnic, contemporary, or corporate events and parties. At Candere, you will find bangles or kadas that go together with all your outfits. 

You will find traditional as well as modern designs that are ideal for any corporate function or gathering with friends and family. Just scroll through the website and browse through Candere’s collection for the perfect pick of bangles and Kadas that best represents your persona.

Explore more here gold festive bangles, gold dramatic bangles & gold occasional bangles.

Buy The Most Stunning Diamond Bangles on EMI With The Help Of DGRP

Candere offers the DGRP (Double Gold Rate Protection) plan to let you buy jewellery without having to worry about fluctuating gold prices. By paying a token charge of the bill amount on the day of the booking, you may book your jewellery under the DGRP plan. The plan ensures that you don't have to worry about the growing gold price since you'll be able to pay for your jewellery in easy, monthly installments. 

Candere uses the gold price on the day you order the jewellery to figure out how much it will cost you. Buy your favorite accessory at the assured best price. You have the facility to pay for your jewellery in easy monthly installments as per this rate, spread across two to six months for gold pieces and two to twelve months for diamond jewellery. With so many exciting benefits and amazing collections, it's always a delight to shop from Candere. What are you waiting for? 


Q. Can we wear diamond bangles daily?

Diamond bangles, when worn on a regular basis, can accumulate grime and dust. They eventually lose their shine and become dull. Therefore, it is better to use the bangles occasionally to keep it scratch-free.

Q. How to know my diamond bangle size?

You can tuck your thumb into your palm like when you wear a bangle and measure the from your knuckles to knuckles all around. 

Q. How should a bangle fit my hand?

It should be able to slip in one or two fingers comfortably. However, too loose and it can roll over your arm. Thus, choose the one that is perfect for you. 


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