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Womens Bracelet : Functional & Fascinating, Every Way Possible

Derived from the Greek word Brachile meaning ‘of the arm’ and the Latin word brachium - meaning ‘arm’, bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery that has been one of the most sophisticated jewellery of all times. Initially made from tribal, natural, indigenous man-made materials, a women’s bracelet has been popular since 5000 B.C among Egyptians. Although leather bracelets were worn by Greek soldiers, women's bracelets became a fashionable accessory mainly during the Middle Ages. 

Throughout history, womens bracelets have been known for their aesthetic purpose and cultural significance. From guarding against evil spirits, and natural dangers, to representing bonds of community, and spiritual beliefs, and most importantly, signifying the marital status of a woman, decorative bracelets have everlastingly accentuated the beauty of a woman.

Commonly used through the 17th century, gold bracelets re-emerged as a unisex adornment in the 20th century. These showcased a simple and versatile sense of style. Women’s bracelets make the best marriage gift or can be preserved as heirloom pieces across generations. Thus, women's bracelets are not just strong symbols of status, power, and prosperity, but also set new milestones in jewellery fashion, having the ability to create a special bond in any relationship on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Versatility of A Women’s Bracelet

Bracelets have been an essential part of a woman’s wedding trousseau as well as that of her daily wear accessories collection. Keeping up with the new technologies and constant evolution of trends in gold jewellery fashion, artisans have redefined their craft to create a delightful range of bracelet designs that can suit the taste and preferences of the woman of today. 

Conventional Bracelets:

Traditional bangle-styled bracelets come in closed circles whereas single bangles come secured with a clasp or hinge. Other options in womens bracelets include charm bracelets, modern wrap bracelets composed of strands of beads or leather studded with gems, or cuff bracelets

Also, a chic gold bracelet adorned with an elegant line-up of pearls, like this Anatolia Golden Pearl Diamond Bracelet, reflects maverick workmanship, making you glamorous on any special evening. On the other hand, a discreet graphic gold bracelet offers endless scope for presenting a personalized message to your beloved.

The options to experiment with your personal style are endless!

Embellishments in Bracelets: 

Adorned with a glittering row of diamonds or chic floating hearts, stylized snowflakes, hanging stars, birds, delicate nature motifs, or geometric shapes, chain link bracelets with charms are perfect for complimenting western outfits. On the other hand, Indian religious engravings on a bracelet can seamlessly spruce up an ethnic attire. 

Novel Metals for Bracelets:

Bracelets can be forged to perfection from best-quality yellow gold, platinum and rose gold, or even white gold, for suitably complimenting any formal ensemble. The divine aura of exclusive black beaded Mangalsutra bracelets with gold platings can help a woman look stylish at any festival or social gathering without compromising on tradition. 

Shopping For The Best Women’s Bracelet

A comprehensive understanding of the gold carat, additional weight charges, measurement of the wrist size or optimum, width, thickness length, gold rate, and discount offers are essential to shop for any women's bracelet online or otherwise.

Finally, a unique bracelet should be truly complementary to a woman’s personality and her other accessories to make her stand out in the crowd.