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Casual Wear Jewellery- Enhance your everyday look

Wearing clothes and make-up is just one part of getting dressed. What about the rest? Jewellery- the essential part that adds that right amount of oomph to carry yourself confidently. Adorning yourself with a variety of artificial jewellery is easy. 

But what if you want to dress in gold jewellery? Gold jewellery need not always be jewellery meant to be worn on occasion. Casual wear jewellery made in real gold is trending nowadays. 

From teenage girls and boys to office goers, many people wish to invest in casual wear jewellery in gold to look perfect.

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Casual Wear Jewellery- Adding a flair to your outfits

Everyday outfits need a bit of flair, and casual wear jewellery made in gold is perfect. Everyone wants to look gorgeous and stand out in a crowd. Especially women who go to work carry their qualifications and self-confidence on their nimble shoulders. 

Casual wear jewellery in gold can enhance their overall look by several notches. But it can be daunting to find the right piece that adds the needed glamor. Below are some casual wear jewellery pieces to complete your casual look:

1. Perfect pair of studs

The interesting thing about studs is that they look great on every woman, regardless of age, the shape of her face, or silhouette. Studs accentuate any wardrobe- small, large, or bold. Diamond studs are an exquisite and timeless choice for anyone looking to add a touch of class and sophistication to their outfit. 

While studs have long been women's go-to choice, men can rock this stunning accessory too. A single diamond stud can make a bold, elegant statement that will turn heads and command attention.

2. Loop Earrings

An essential in every woman’s earring collection, it is fashionable and also one piece of casual jewellery that will never go out of trend. It can complement any outfit. Hoop earrings have not gone off the trend in decades and complement facial features. 

3. Necklaces

You can pair timeless pieces and necklaces with a pendant for an exotic appeal. They can just match any outfit. Long gold necklaces are great to accessorize any outfit, like everyday tops or kurtis.

4. Bracelets

Gold bracelets are a great piece of casual jewellery for those who dislike wearing bangles. They bring out effortless beauty and grace and blend effortlessly with any outfit. Fashionable and versatile, these are just the perfect addition to the wardrobe.

5. Rings

If women want to add a touch of sparkle to manicured nails, a ring is one of the best options. They add a touch of style to your grace without being overbearing.

Price Range for Casual Wear Jewellery 

The price of casual wear jewellery in gold depends on what you are buying. If you buy necklaces, the investment would be a little higher. If you are buying a ring, it would cost less. 

The range differs depending on the individual piece, the style cut, and the design. The price range for casual wear jewellery in gold begins from INR 14,000 to INR 1.5 lacs.

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Get Your Favourite casual wear jewellery with DGRP

You can now purchase casual Wear jewellery in gold at Candere with the DGRP scheme. The Double Gold Rate Protection plan now lets consumers buy gold jewellery without paying the entire amount upfront. 

With the DGRP plan, one must pay only 10% to book the jewellery that that day’s gold rate. You can pay the rest of the amount in equal installments over a fixed tenure.