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Lashita Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 259,653

Style No KCMN035

Lashita Mudhra Gold Jhumki

Rs. 72,863

Style No KCME030

Ratih Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 293,805

Style No KCMN036

Ratih Mudhra Gold Earrings

Rs. 68,524

Style No KCME031

Sanika Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 303,199

Style No KCMN038

Sanika Mudhra Gold Earrings

Rs. 64,193

Style No KCME033

Resha Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 219,296

Style No KCMN037

Resha Mudhra Gold Earrings

Rs. 82,833

Style No KCME032

Sarvia Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 229,438

Style No KCMN039

Sarvia Mudhra Gold Earrings

Rs. 70,850

Style No KCME034

Ayomi Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 124,297

Style No KCMN034

Ayomi Mudhra Gold Earrings

Rs. 56,314

Style No KCME028

Lakimi Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 105,609

Style No KCMN033

Lakimi Mudhra Gold Earrings

Rs. 43,560

Style No KCME027

Koshi Mudhra Gold Necklace

Rs. 123,664

Style No KCMN030

Koshi Mudhra Gold Earrings

Rs. 37,858

Style No KCME024

Necklace sets are made by grouping a necklace and a pair of earrings together. These jewellery pieces have the same design to make it look like a set. We often find it difficult to choose our jewellery as per our outfit. For cases where we just can’t go wrong with our appearance, the easiest way to sort your jewellery is by picking up a necklace set.

The design necklace sets which you see below can be worn to different occasions like wedding, reception, festive as well as party wear. You will find gemstone, diamond and gold necklaces set below. All these designs are mostly part of our wedding collection and can be undoubtedly worn or gifted on the same. Choose amongst the 190+ design necklace as per your convenience - antique jewellery, heritage jewellery, temple jewellery, etc.

Gold Necklace Designs

Indians have a soft spot for gold jewellery. The golden necklace designs you see below are there to fulfil that soft spot which you have. The gold necklaces jewellery below not only have gold but also uncut diamonds and precious gemstones.

Garima, Sanika, Abani, Ratih, Nirupama, Michelle, Alice, Mythili, Sunheri, Manika, Aashna - these are some of the best gold design necklace you will see below. Check out with the matching pair of earrings and you are good to go!

These were the heavy design necklace you can expect to find below. There are a couple of dainty necklace sets which deserve your attention like Love Rows, Bee in Love and Circle of Love. The minimalist design of these gold necklaces will allow these to be worn to the place of work as well as for casual outings. Furthermore, they make great gifts too!

Gold Necklace Designs with Price

The gold design necklace you see below starts at only ~Rs. 14,660 with Panita gold earrings and matching Panita gold necklace. At this price point, the earrings are quite a steal deal! More earrings at similar pricing are Aamrapali, Parnal, etc. The design necklace starts at ~Rs. 19,213 only with Circle of Love. It’s one of the dainty design necklace any woman would love to own! The heavier gold necklaces start at a premium price point of ~Rs. 66,993 with Amrapali gold necklace.

Gemstone Necklaces

The gemstone necklace designs come in various designs. Not only are the designs unique, but the necklaces are also available in various designs like choker necklace, collar necklace, lariat necklace, pendant necklace, rani haar, etc.

Here is some of the best gemstone design necklace for you to check out – Esra, Nirmeet, Koshi, Shiza, Jyena, Maanga, Gunjan, Lashita, Uzuri, Tamasi, Basira, etc. Once paired with the matching pair of earrings, you are ready to rock the show!

 Enjoy the full benefits of shopping online by grabbing the best in town design necklace from Candere. Here you will find hundreds of designs at affordable pricing, easy returns, free shipping anywhere in India and jewellery insurance. You can also avail either of our EMI schemes on any of the design necklace you find below.

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