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Platinum Chains

Platinum Chains

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Discover Rare Elegance: Explore Our Platinum Chain Collection Today

Platinum chains have adorned individuals throughout history, being a rare and precious metal. With platinum becoming more accessible, its popularity has soared, leading people to embrace it even more. Explore our exclusive collection of platinum chains on this dedicated page. Enjoy your time browsing and happy shopping! 

Elevate Your Style: Explore Exclusive Platinum Chain Designs

Candere offers genuine platinum jewelry in the form of chains. When purchasing platinum chains, personalize them according to your desired length and thickness.  

Here are a few examples – Frail Trail Platinum Chain, Knick Ball Platinum Chain, Biloxi Platinum Chain, Hoopla Platinum Chain, Plain Jane Platinum Chain, Hi Skipper Platinum Chain and many more such platinum chains. 

Platinum Chains for Men & Women

The platinum chains featured on this page are suitable for both men and women. These machine-made platinum chains are versatile and can be used for gifting, daily wear, or casual outings.

Platinum Chains for Boys & Girls

Candere provides platinum chains catering to various age groups and genders, with an extensive collection tailored for teenagers and girls. With a robust online presence on multiple digital platforms, Candere efficiently serves jewelry enthusiasts not only in major metro cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune but also reaches different corners of the country through reliable delivery partners like FedEx, Blue Dart, DTDC, and BVC.

Platinum Chains Price in India

Platinum chains pricing at Candere starts at Rs.10,389 (approx.). The platinum chains price at Candere can be considered lower than this owing to the jaw-dropping offers we give to all our customers. Not only will you find your choice of platinum rings here, but you will also find them at affordable pricing. Platinum rings price online in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether at work or at festivities! 

Platinum Chains with DGRP

Buying platinum chains can be slightly stressful, especially with the cost of purchasing quality gold and diamond pieces. However, Candere’s DGRP plan, along with seasonal offers, can help you buy the jewellery of your choice at an affordable rate. When buying platinum chains in gold and diamond, simply pay a 10% booking fee, choose the 2-12 months payment option, and get the jewellery after the entire payment has been made. With zero processing fees or any other hidden internal charges, DGRP allows you to get your jewellery at the lowest gold rate, regardless of whether gold rates fluctuate later on.


Is platinum good for chains?

Yes, platinum is an excellent material for Chains as when Compared to other fine metals like Gold, it is more durable, tougher, rarer, and does not lose its lustre easily. You can explore an exciting range of Platinum Chains at Candere by Kalyan Jewellers today!

Do platinum chains break?

Yes, while Platinum Chains are extremely durable, they can bend or break when excessive force is applied.

How much would a platinum chain cost?

The Price for Platinum Chains change depending on the current Platinum Price, Making Charges and Offers. On Candere’s Website, you can shop from a wide range of Certified Platinum Chains starting at Rs. 11,002 only!

How to clean platinum chains at home?

Soak it with soap or mild detergent, use a soft toothbrush to clean and then wipe off with a soft cloth right after. 


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