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Ruby Bangles: The Modern Style Statement 


Ruby stones are something that has been admired a lot throughout history. These elegant stones have been a symbol of royalty for ages. Although rubies are used in a variety of patterns, the most popular jewellery consisting of rubies are the Ruby Bangles. 


Ruby Bangles are available in a plethora of designs and they are a nice option to select for giving yourself a unique look. In this article, you can find everything you need to know about Ruby Bangles. 

Buyer’s Guide to Ruby Bangles

Jewellery worn by women is a symbol of their personality and taste in style. These bangles give a unique look but at the same time it is necessary to have the proper information to buy the best Ruby bangle. Once chosen a Ruby bangle, Here's what you should look for:


Assessing the quality of Ruby bangle is the very first thing one needs to be sure of. Vibrant hues in ruby, clarity and other elements determine the quality of rubies in the bangle. Higher the quality, better the Ruby bangle.  


Authenticity or Certification for your Ruby bangle is necessary to take as it can be expensive too. Reputable sellers like Candere provide the certification for the authenticity of their products. Therefore, it's recommended to buy the best Ruby bangles from a certified jewellery store.

Seller’s Policy and Warranty

Another element is that to check for is the policy of the seller from where you are buying. It's necessary to look for the seller's policy and warranty as it would help in case the bangles don't meet your expectations lookwise. In this regard, Candere offers jewellery insurance and 100% lifetime exchange available on all jewellery products except loose solitaire above 5 lacs.

Why choose Ruby Bangles gold to upgrade your style? 


Ruby Bangles gold can be the best jewellery to elevate the style statement. It's a timeless elegant jewel that would give a more adorable look. Here's how!


Versatile and Chic 

A Ruby bangle gold is a jewellery that gives your whole attire a touch of elegance. It seamlessly transforms the whole look. Whether it's a traditional or a casual event, Ruby bangles gold are among the perfect choices. 

Crafted to Perfection

The rubies present in these bangles are crafted to perfection by professional artisans which make them speak about its elegance. The Ruby bangle gold is the perfect combination to go for enhancing the beauty of both. 

Timeless Jewel 

In the time where fashion trends change day to day, Ruby bangles gold are something that is a timeless beauty item. It would cherish your jewellery collection as long as you want to keep it. 

What makes Ruby Diamond Bangles Unique? 


Among the curated collection of Ruby bangles at Candere, Ruby diamond bangles are the most exquisite fusion of rubies and diamonds. These bangles are unique, elegant and a timeless classic gem jewellery because: 


The combination present in Ruby diamond bangles is visually a striking piece. The rubies and diamonds blend gives these bangles an elegant look and make them adorable too. 

Aesthetic Appeal

The featuring combination of these bangles gives an aesthetic and appealing look for real. The hues of rubies with dazzling sparkles of diamonds present in these bangles cannot be neglected in any way. 

Design and Contrast

The design of these Ruby diamond bangles appears different because of the beautiful contrast between the elements of the bangles. This combination features a jewel- Ruby diamond bangle that definitely stands out. 


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Best Ruby Bangles Designs to Choose 


Although Ruby bangles designs come in a variety, you should go with the one that suits you perfectly. These are not just jewellery , rather they are an expression of style. Here are some of the best Ruby bangle designs to choose from: 

Vintage Ruby Bangles

Vintage Ruby bangles are Ruby bangle designs inspired from the charm of vintage jewellery. These are unique Ruby bangle designs featuring a combination of rubies arranged in a unique pattern. 

Simple or Minimal Ruby Bangles

Minimal Ruby Bangles are bangle designs featuring a simple, sleek but adorable look. The main attraction is the simple design with Ruby present as a centerpiece. These are considered by those looking for Ruby bangles as a daily jewel.  

Birthstone inspired Ruby Bangles 

These Ruby bangles consist of a specific Ruby colour according to the birth month. These bangles hold some sentimental value and are considered for gifting even more. 

Ruby Emerald Bangles: A Stunning Elegance


The combination of adorable rubies with the brilliance of emerald gives a stunning elegant look to Ruby emerald bangles. These exotic bangles are the perfect choice for those who appreciate the captivating beauty of gemstones. Ruby emerald bangles also come in a variety of designs which include the geometric, gold accents, floral motif, classics and more. 


Whether you go with a traditional or a modern design, these are going to be your best choice for jewels. Ruby emerald bangles are also part of the timeless classics and can be worn in several events.

Best Candere Ruby Bangle with Price


Candere offers Ruby Bangles that are a delicate blend of richness and modernity. Here are a few trending listed below:-

Cupid Bow Diamond Chain Bracelet


The Cupid Bow Diamond Chain Bracelet is a delicate blend of grace and sophistication. Fashioned in 14K Yellow Gold, weighing 2.22g, it features 14 round diamonds totaling 0.10 Ct, with SI clarity and IJ color, intricately set in a prong setting. 


This jewel is accentuated by a single red round fancy gemstone of 0.24 Ct, this bracelet is a charming addition to any collection. Priced at ₹22,154, with a remarkable 20% discount on the stone price, this piece embodies elegance and craftsmanship. Experience its allure and add it to your collection now.

Saga of Cholas Diamond Bracelet


Saga of Cholas Diamond Bracelet is a mesmerizing piece that exudes elegance and luxury. This elegant jewellery in 14K Yellow Gold weighing 11.32g, showcases 100 dazzling round diamonds totaling 0.72 Ct, boasting SI clarity and IJ color in a micro prong setting. 


This is adorned with 2 red fancy gemstones totaling 0.22 Ct, this bracelet is a testament to fine craftsmanship and sophistication. 


Now available at ₹129,644, with an incredible 20% discount on the stone price, saving you ₹16,017. Explore the beauty and opulence of this masterpiece jewel.

Divine Destiny Diamond Bracelet


This Divine Destiny Diamond Bracelet is a  symbol of grace and sophistication. Crafted in 14K Yellow Gold weighing 2.13g, this bracelet features 17 round diamonds totaling 0.11 Ct with SI clarity and IJ color, delicately set in a prong setting. 


Highlighted by a single round red fancy gemstone weighing 0.47 Ct, it radiates elegance. Priced at ₹25,045, this piece epitomizes craftsmanship and allure. Add this adorable jewel to your wishlist to embrace its divine beauty.


In a nutshell 


For the best Ruby bangles, you can choose from the best and reputable sellers such as Candere. Candere’s styled Ruby bangles are going to be your daily attire once you try. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best collections by Candere now! 



Q1. Is hallmark available for jewellery purchased with Candere?

Yes, all the jewellery purchased from Candere are certified and authentic with a hallmark available. Any individual who has purchased any jewellery can get certification for their purchase. 

Q2. Why choose Candere?

Candere can be a one stop solution to your Ruby bangle needs. Apart from quality, the policies and service of Candere is reliable and trustworthy which can be checked from the online portal. 

Q3. What is the refund policy of Candere?

Candere allows refunds until a period of 15 days for any product purchased. For any change in decision, you can get a refund from Candere within the given time. For more details, visit the official website. 

Q4. Where can I buy the best Ruby bangles?

You can get Ruby bangles from various sellers but it is necessary to choose a reliable and trusted seller. Candere being a reliable and authentic seller can be chosen for purchasing.