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Gold Leather Bracelet

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Mens Gold Leather Bracelet: A Timeless Style to Adore

There are few options for men's jewellery as opposed to women's; however, the leather bracelet at Candere is a simple yet exceptional piece for men to accessorize themselves. The men's gold leather bracelet is a band of Leather that sits around the wrist with gold embellishment. The bracelets are elegant and stylish and match almost every attire. 

Wear it daily in a professional setting and a casual event. It's a grooming piece of ornament and can be replaced with a wristwatch. The collection on our page contains bracelets with a simple, intricate gold design, making it an outstanding piece of jewellery for most men. Also, explore our bracelets, diamond bracelets, platinum bracelets & bracelets kada.

What does Wearing a Leather Bracelet Mean?

A leather bracelet is an ideal accessory to flaunt your style and enhance your charismatic aura. It is an ideal way to layer your outfit with accessories like a bracelet in silver or gold. For men, wearing a leather belt bracelet gold makes them stand out as stylish, confident, and bold individuals. 

These bracelets look best when paired with hiking boots and a cowboy hat to complete the look. Also, the leather cuffs or bracelets are made of genuine or faux Leather and boast longevity and durability with a trendy look. You can find some stunning pieces with Keyaan Gold Leather Bracelet, Zodiac Gold Leather Bracelet, Trigonic Gold Leather Bracelet, and many more.

Choose Your Leather Cuff Style

Following are some of the different types of gold leather bracelets for men or cuffs you might find interesting,

  • Round Leather, as the name signifies, is circular and looks breathtaking on a person's wrist. It is made of leather material engraved in a thin and tubular shape.
  • Flat Leather or flat braided leather bracelets are quite known these days. They are smooth textured and look flawless on the wrist.
  • Braided Leather is precisely designed to create alluring leather belt bracelet gold designs. These patterns are handmade and require skill proficiency for a clean finish.
  • Cuff Leather came into fashion with the cowboy trend and is made of authentic or faux Leather. They are secured with metal clasps and are pretty durable and sturdy.
  • Woven Leather has an ingenious texture with a refreshing and woven outlook, made up of weaving and braiding multiple pieces.
  • Knotted Leather looks iconic and creates a modish appeal to the wearer. They are made by different types of knots with the material.

How to Care for a Leather Bracelet?

These mens gold leather bracelets are generally porous and can never be entirely waterproof. Hence, they tend to get stained, discolored, or deteriorated. Therefore it's essential to care for them by following some steps,

  • Never use a wet cloth or exposure to moisture
  • Pat the leather bracelet with a damp cloth
  • Use mild moisturizing soap on a cloth and dab the bracelet gently on both the sides
  • Wipe clean and dry

Note: To ensure your mens leather and gold bracelet doesn't smell, throw a light coat of baking powder over it and keep it sealed in a pack for 24 hours. Baking soda is well known for its odor-absorbing capacity and doesn't harm your bracelet.

Can a Leather Bracelet be Stretched or Shrinked?

Leather bracelets are made up of thin material or sometimes authentic animal skin and tend to absorb moisture; thus, shrinkage is evident. To stretch the leather strap, you can either warm the accessory or dip it in water and leave it for a while, gently twist and knead it and then pull it to the desired length.

Gold Leather Bracelet Designs Online

The bracelets on our webpage have gold designs that weigh from approximately 2 grams to 9 grams of gold in them. They are either small pendants suspended on the leather bracelet or intricate designs that sit intact on the bracelet. All the leather bracelets are ideal to be worn with any attire. Some top picks are the Yatin leather bracelet, Acronym Gold Leather Bracelet for Men, Yoke Gold Leather Bracelet, and Bruv Gold Leather Bracelet. 

These bracelets come in all colors rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. You can also have your mens leather and gold bracelet customized to your liking. Send us the specifications of your design and other details, and we will have your ornament made ready for you. Also, explore our solitaire bracelet, mangalsutra bracelet, charm bracelets, and kids bracelets.

Leather Bracelet on DGRP

You can also book and purchase your gold leather bracelet in installments. If you find a piece that falls a little beyond your budget, then you can claim your ornament through the DGRP plan. Pay 10% of your cart price, and book your jewelry. Pay the remaining balance in installments without having to pay any interest. 

With the DGRP scheme, you wouldn't have to worry about fluctuating gold rates since you will only have to pay for what you originally booked. However, if the gold rate drops, you can claim your jewelry by paying the balance and avail of your jewelry at the revised lower rate. In short, it is a fabulous opportunity to get your favorite bracelet at your convenience, without any pressure. Also, explore our chain bracelets, tennis bracelets, link bracelets, beaded bracelets, and multistrand bracelets.


Q. How much should a gold leather bracelet cost?

Gold leather bracelets can cost from Rs. 10000 up to Rs. 100000 and above Rs. 200000. The price may differ depending on the gold carat, gemstones, design, etc. 

Q. Why do men wear gold leather bracelets?

Gold leather bracelets impart a hint of personal style and sophistication to one’s look. It is a great accessory that blends well with almost every outfit. Its embellishments, shape, size, width, etc., make a difference in price. 

Q. Which hand to wear the gold leather bracelet?

There is no fixed rule for wearing the bracelet on a particular side. You can wear it on your non-dominant hand to keep things easy.