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Diamond Bracelets

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Diamond Bracelets Designs

Now there is this difference between bangles and bracelets; simply put, bangles are endless round ornaments that do not have a clasp and are gently pushed down the hands for wearing because they are stiff, while bracelets are loose around the wrists and have a clasp or opening for wearing. Some of these bracelets are studded with diamonds all along their circumference, while some others have diamonds only on half the periphery; while some others are very delicate bracelets that are separated on the middle by a small icon or shape like a diamond studded heart, or a diamond studded leaf or a flower shape or geometrical shape. These are also known as charm bracelets that have tiny shapes that hang at regular intervals along its external surface – also encrusted with diamonds.

Diamond Bracelets Online

In contrast to bangles, these do not necessarily require wrist sizing, even though they cannot be too loose or too fitting either. Ideally, there has to be a one finger gap between the bracelet and the wrist. The way diamonds are arranged along the bracelet, makes them look as if of equal carat and in line. These line diamond bracelets are also called as tennis bracelets and it has an interesting short legend to its name. These look extremely sophisticate and elegant and are usually very costly, because of the no. of diamond required to make them. The amount of gold and the diamonds all contribute to their weight and hence these are heavier. Most of the bracelets in this collection are tennis bracelets that are cast in white gold, it looks very chic and unique; tennis bracelets have been made very famous by celebrities, sports personalities, movie stars, socialites and other famous persons at different events. This is hence known as the glamour diamond jewellery and is a benchmark of the rich, famous and the affluent. But is worth an investment, for sure.

Diamond Bracelets Price

Their prices begin from 1 lakh and above; and EMI options is available for payment.

Rs. 36,501 Rs. 34,501

Style No C012682

Rs. 38,746 Rs. 36,746

Style No C012679

Rs. 38,105 Rs. 36,421

Style No C012685

Rs. 23,514 Rs. 21,692

Style No C012689

Rs. 35,717 Rs. 32,226

Style No T00056

Rs. 27,039 Rs. 23,863

Style No T00054

Rs. 30,683 Rs. 26,943

Style No C012315

Rs. 31,944 Rs. 29,807

Style No C012335

Rs. 22,850 Rs. 20,500

Style No C012346

Rs. 31,750 Rs. 27,742

Style No T00062

Rs. 29,864 Rs. 26,585

Style No T00050

Rs. 33,969 Rs. 30,793

Style No T00052

Rs. 18,752 Rs. 16,014

Style No T00048

Rs. 23,070 Rs. 20,228

Style No T00059

Rs. 29,635 Rs. 26,053

Style No T00058