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Symphony of Colors: Explore the Diverse Palette of Traditional Bangles


In the world of fashion, traditional bangles are like timeless gems colourful treasures that add cultural richness to your wrists. Whether you're a style seeker, a heritage enthusiast, a parent passing down legacies, or a modern woman blending tradition. Anyone can explore traditional bangles is a celebration of art and heritage. 


In this article, let's dive deep into the Candere’s colorful journey and uncover the timeless charm of traditional bangles that last through the ages.


Traditional Bangles Online: Pearl, Antique Gold, and Moti Bangles

Traditional Pearl Bangles

Discover the classic charm of traditional pearl bangles. These pearls are symbols of purity and grace. As a result, they bring a gentle glow to your wrists and enhance your jewellery collection. At Candere, you can shop traditional bangles online for beautiful designs that blend tradition with modern style. 


Traditional Antique Gold Bangles

If you enjoy the thought of having something with a fascinating history, check out traditional antique gold bangles. They beautifully mix traditional charm with a modern touch, offering a range of detailed designs and bold styles. You can browse through an exotic collection by Candere to unleash your regal charm and adorn your wrists with the elegance of antique gold bangles.


Traditional Moti Bangles

Traditional Moti bangles are an embodiment of timeless tradition and allure. The online world offers a vast array of designs, ranging from intricate patterns to bold motifs. Explore the world of Moti bangles and experience the elegance and cultural finesse that each piece embodies.


Traditional Gold Bangles: Unique charm of Kada Bangles

Handcrafted masterpiece 

Many Indian gold bangles are made by machines, but some are hand-carved due to their intricate designs that require a personal touch. These traditional gold bangles feature cut, curved, or non-smooth edges, giving them a festive look.


Traditional Kada Bangles

From intricately engraved patterns to bold, minimalist styles. Every single piece of design elevates your wrist with the regal charm of traditional Kada bangles. Explore the elegance of traditional gold kada bangles, capturing both strength and heritage. An absolute choice of traditions in a contemporary world.


Traditional Diamond Bangles

Cultural lineage 

The sparkle of eternal diamond designs is forever. This goes for and beyond traditional diamond bangles. To this day, Diamonds are a significant part of jewellery for men and women from rings, earrings, pendants to bangles. 

Diamond Bangle Designs

Add a radiant touch to your wrists with stunning traditional diamond bangle designs. Explore various options online, ranging from eternal solitaires to intricate patterns. These diamonds effortlessly combine tradition with a modern look, each piece reflecting grace, sophistication, and timeless beauty. Each bangle has a unique story to tell.


Traditional Bangles Designs: Crafting Artistry in Gold and Stone

Stone Bangles Gold Designs

Elevate your style with our elegant Traditional Stone Bangles Gold Designs! These bangles effortlessly enhance any outfit, adding grace and beauty to your look. Our collection includes gold stone bangles suitable for daily wear or as a chic accessory for work.


Explore a variety of options beyond classic gold, such as green, red, white, and more. You can easily purchase these stunning stone bangles online, and we'll ensure speedy delivery to your special someone! Whether it's for a bride-to-be, mother, or grandmother, these bangles make the perfect gift for every Indian woman.


Gold Bangles Designs with Price

The cost depends on factors like the amount of gold and the complexity of the design. Usually, traditional gold bangles designs with price are anywhere between INR 60,000 and INR 1.6 Lakhs. These bangles usually weigh between 8 grams to 50 grams or more.


If you have a specific design in mind and are considering buying either a single piece or a pair, don't worry about the pricing and payment. Candere provides easy installment options through the Double Gold Rate Plan (DGRP). Explore our collection, including gold bracelets for women, diamond bracelets, stone bracelets, and platinum bracelets. 


Traditional Bangles of Rajasthan & Kerala: A Cultural Odyssey

Richness of Rajasthan & Kerala

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, traditional bangles hold a special place, each region weaving its unique story. The traditional bangles of Rajasthan are far from simple; they carry the essence of the royal legacy of Rajputs and the rich influence of Mughal culture. Meanwhile, Kerala is well-known for creating jewelry that shows off its amazing cultural history. They often use human shapes and gold coins in the designs, making each piece of tradition bangles of Kerala special.


Bengali and Gujarati Bangles

A land where art meets excellence, Bengal is also known for its bengali traditional bangles. At Candere, you can explore the diversity of traditional kolkata bangles that reflect the unique aesthetics of each region. 


Traditional gujarati bangles are a blend of grandeur and magnificence. A heritage that comes with a promise of quality. Candere offers an array of designs, from the intricate Bengali styles to the vibrant hues of Gujarat. Immerse yourself in the cultural odyssey that adorns your wrists with tales of tradition.


Other Regional Bangle Designs

Begin a journey from Orissa traditional bangles filled with intricate craftsmanship, to the vibrant hues of traditional south indian bangles. But wait there's more! The regal charm of punjabi traditional gold bangles and beyond. Candere brings these cultural treasures to your doorstep and help dive into the diversity of traditional bangles that echo the cultural roots of each region.


Traditional Bangles for Weddings

Every woman dreams of being a bride, and having everything perfect on her special day. From decorations to the dress, the most crucial is the jewellery. Parents save for the best, especially when it comes to bridal bangles.


For your special day, choose more than just accessories; choose symbols of utmost elegance. Candere, your trusted partner in exquisite jewellery, offers a variety of traditional bangles for weddings on our website. Hold back the richness of cultural heritage by wearing ethnic collection by  Candere.


Explore more: Stone bangles, Handmade bangles & Platinum bangles.


Traditional Bangles for Girls: A Journey of Innocence and Style


A jewellery collection isn't just complete without a set of traditional bangles for girls. When getting ready for any kind of special events, putting on bracelets gives just the right touch of grace to a girl's look. The gentle jingle of these accessories is also quite pleasant to hear. 


Any ethnic outfit wouldn't be finished without them. These delicate yet stylish jewellery pieces are always a must-have for girls during any important celebration. Candere offers a selection that transforms every girl's wrist into a canvas of cultural richness and personal style.


On a final note…

In the tapestry of traditional bangles, every colour, every design, and every cultural influence tells a story. As you explore the myriad options online, remember that these aren't just ornaments; they're threads of tradition woven into wearable art. 


So why wait? Choose Candere by your side and transform your style with the traditional bangle collection now!



Q.1: What do we call the traditional bangles? 

Traditional bangles go by different names across India. In some places, they are called "chudiyan," while in others, they are known as "chooray." These names capture the rich cultural diversity and linguistic variations associated with these beautiful ornaments.

Q.2: What is the tradition of Indian bangles?

Indian bangles are deeply rooted in tradition, symbolizing more than just adornment. They are often linked to prosperity and are a significant marker of a woman's marital status. Additionally, they play a central role in festive celebrations, where vibrant bangles are worn to enhance the joyous spirit of the occasion.


Q.3: What types of traditional gold bangles are available online?

When it comes to traditional gold bangles online, the options are diverse. You can explore intricately designed kada bangles with beautiful engravings, as well as minimalist styles that cater to varying tastes and preferences.


Q.4: How do traditional diamond bangle designs blend tradition with modern aesthetics?

Traditional diamond bangle designs achieve a perfect balance between tradition and modern aesthetics. The timeless sparkle of diamonds is combined with intricate patterns, resulting in pieces that pay homage to tradition while adding a touch of contemporary elegance.


Q.5: What cultural influences can be found in traditional bangles from different regions like Rajasthan, Kerala, and Bengal?

Traditional bangles vary in design and style based on their regional influences. For example, Orissa showcases intricate craftsmanship, Kolkata embraces vibrant hues, and Punjabi gold bangles exude regal charm. Each region adds its unique touch to these cultural treasures.