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Gemstone Pearls

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Pearl Pendants

Pearls are the most remarkable of all organic gemstones, although it would be sacrilege to call it a gemstone. Pearls have a place in history as the most expensive piece of jewel, adorned by Kings and Queens alike; also made popular by the likes of Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn  and Coco Chanel. However in course of time Pearls had lost its importance with diamonds and blue sapphires making its way to page3.

Pearl Pendant Necklace

Pearls have recently made a comeback and how! Pearl pendants, string of pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets or the evergreen pearl studs, it has lately become the ‘necessary ingredient’ in the recipe of high fashion.

Pearl Pendant Designs

Pearls are a must have in the wardrobe of all who are pressed for time. If you are looking for a no- brainer for an accessory, pearls can elevate even the most mundane of costumes to something dramatic, sublime and sophisticated. Wear them with shirts, skirts, saris, or even sneakers.

Pearl Pendants Online

Most of these pearls come with diamonds that may be a buying deterrent. That’s precisely why Candere extends the EMI payment option that protects your price for you and allows you to pay as per your plan. There are NO add-on charges involved in the costing like processing fee or EMI interest. Great idea to save money on luxurious purchase.

Pearl Pendants In Gold

All diamonds and gemstones, precious or semi-precious used in jewellery manufacturing at Candere are IGI certified; the metal used is BIS hallmarked. Rest assured, Candere would sell you only certified & genuine products, quite the worth for your money.

Pearl Jewellery Price

Designer pearl pendants are priced on a scale of INR 13000/- to 84,000/-. Prices remain uniform across all of these cities and our designs, products and payment gateways are accessible on all digital devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, iPad, etc.

Pearl Pendants Jewellery

Owing to our online presence, it becomes easier to reach out to all our customers and buyers based in cities, towns and areas across India, like: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Jaipur; across the length and breadth of the country.

Rs. 17,368 Rs. 13,894

Style No C012613

Rs. 153,906 Rs. 123,125

Style No C012254

Rs. 51,955 Rs. 41,564

Style No C012228

Rs. 232,445 Rs. 185,956

Style No C012210

Rs. 20,329 Rs. 16,263

Style No C011707

Rs. 16,879 Rs. 13,503

Style No C011705

Rs. 19,100 Rs. 15,280

Style No C009109

Rs. 23,763 Rs. 19,010

Style No C009086

Rs. 114,838 Rs. 91,870

Style No C009493

Rs. 117,168 Rs. 93,734

Style No C008993

Rs. 17,578 Rs. 14,062

Style No C008501

Rs. 30,653 Rs. 24,522

Style No C006701

Rs. 18,683 Rs. 14,946

Style No C013378

Rs. 14,378 Rs. 11,502

Style No C013375

Rs. 19,288 Rs. 15,430

Style No C013377

Rs. 14,486 Rs. 11,589

Style No C013376