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Diamond Just Balis Earrings

Siri Miri Diamond Earrings

Rs. 21,839 Rs. 17,471

Style No C014197

Knotty Love Diamond Earrings

Rs. 33,224 Rs. 26,579

Style No C014176

Vlva Diamond Earrings

Rs. 30,519 Rs. 24,415

Style No C014221

Queen Miracle Plate Diamond Earrings

Rs. 32,579 Rs. 26,063

Style No C013200

Harith Diamond Earrings

Rs. 22,956 Rs. 18,365

Style No C001326

Vallani Diamond Earrings

Rs. 45,089 Rs. 36,071

Style No C004268

Palak Diamond Earrings

Rs. 43,785 Rs. 35,028

Style No C004718

Lehana Diamond Earrings

Rs. 44,548 Rs. 35,638

Style No C006130

Clarisse Diamond Earrings

Rs. 61,064 Rs. 48,851

Style No C005487

Aanandi Diamond Earring

Rs. 56,208 Rs. 44,966

Style No C004875

Chandini Diamond Earrings

Rs. 65,260 Rs. 52,208

Style No C004857

Alankritha Diamond Earrings

Rs. 49,830 Rs. 39,864

Style No C004932

Kara Diamond Earrings

Rs. 43,126 Rs. 34,501

Style No C006122

Lovisa Diamond Earrings

Rs. 57,851 Rs. 46,281

Style No C006128

Abra Diamond Earrings

Rs. 65,470 Rs. 52,376

Style No C010565

Zaira Diamond Earrings

Rs. 44,676 Rs. 35,741

Style No C006125

Diamond Balis

This category of jewellery is one of the most un-debated-favourite amongst girls and women alike. Ear lobe huggers, slightly curved behind the ear, diamond full bali, diamond half bali - also known as loops because of the way they wrap around the soft lobes of your ears; all of these cower under the main diamond bali umbrella category of diamond earrings for women. These could also include diamond bali in full circle, cross diamond balis and “J” shaped diamond balis. Don’t worry, these are just some commonly known names for diamond earrings that shape around the ear lobes, and christened according to their clips types, oval or round shape. Dramatic hoops are those diamond bali earrings designs that have elaborate designs on them, well planned structure with a specific theme and purpose to add drama or charm to your ensemble.


Let us brief you about buying diamond balis online.

Bali Earrings Hoops

Simply put, ‘bali’ is in Hindi and ‘Hoop’ in English - meaning is the same, roundish or ovalish earrings carved in gold or studded in stones. It could look like a big loop with a large gaping hole in the center. The length, thickness of the periphery, structuring or designing could vary from bali to bali and depends largely on the jewellery designer’s choice or, in some case, demand from the customer.

This is an interesting collection of diamond bali designs that you will love to indulge in, not just for purchasing but also for gifting, visual pleasure or for future purchase by adding to carts. The advantage of adding to carts is, it’s a reminder. Moreover, you may be offered an additional discount, voucher, code, coupon etc on your add-to-cart products.

Diamond Bali Earrings Designs

Diamond baalis come in all shapes or patterns - geometric, floral, curves, filigree, abstract, etc. some may refer to them as diamond balis or diamond earrings - both mean same. You can also call them bali style diamond earrings, after all they are all diamond studded earrings, styled like bali/hoops.


The flexibility of this collection is its USP; it allows you to wear these to work or play, to party or wedding, can be gifted to someone special or self-gifted, so on. Can be matched with any outfit - Indian or western, fusion or traditional. These designs are non-seasonal, so you need not worry about seasons or trends whilst buying these diamond balis; these can be solitaire-d or multi-stoned.

Bali Designs In Diamond

Charming, sensuous, ravishing, radiant, feminine – diamond balis are all of these; well doesn’t this sound familiar? Simply put, the qualities that describe a woman, are personified onto bali designs in diamond.  But words always fail to do justice to emotions! To establish an emotional connect with diamond bali earrings, Candere takes efforts to design and manufacture them all with love and care. To experience the same, one must own them; feel them; touch them; flaunt them! Start your love affair with diamond balis today, by having a small collection to call your own.

Bali Earrings Online

Now with so many filters to your rescue, life become simple while buying your bali earrings online - well, the online shopping experience is nothing short of a store experience these days, and Candere comes close to their customers by this method. Whether you buy for yourself or buy a gift, shortlisting a perfect design of diamond bali becomes faster and easier thanks to filters. Choose diamond bali as per the face shape, hairstyle type - a staple style that identifies you; the ensemble or outfit that will go well with your diamond bali or the occasion and even as per your budget. Other filters that make your job easy are: no. of stones, personality type, diamond carat weight, metal colour and diamond quality.


You can add what you liked to wishlist, forward the wishlist to your loved ones, or add the item to your shopping cart for reminders and better deals on your diamond bali earrings - these are only few advantages of buying diamond bali earrings online.


You can expect only certified diamond balis and certified jewellery online on

Diamond Bali Designs

For the diva who must sustain her high lifestyle, Saadhana Diamond Earrings will suit her the best. Or maybe a few more, made especially for the Diva in you, like Lehana Diamond Earrings - with 16 round diamonds set in prongs along your ear lobes, Rudresh Diamond Earrings - with 20 round cut channel set diamonds, Charita Diamond Earrings for those who love the perfection of geometric shapes, with 36 princess cut prong set diamonds or the J shaped Alankritha Diamond Earrings studded in 16 round cut prong set diamonds.

Diamond Bali With Price

Price range for diamond bali earrings online, starts at a very affordable figure of INR 20,000 and goes up to INR 5.30 Lakh, for a pair of 2 carat prong set solitaires. Quite the perfect range to enhance your beauty with diamonds and hold them close to your heart! Why would you shy away for a higher price range, when Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for every jewellery bought online.


Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.


If you are a diamond earrings lover, you would also love to explore our captivating yet contemporary designs in diamond earring dangles, beautifully traditional diamond jhumkas and also designer diamond cocktail drops.

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