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Diamond Dangles

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Diamond Dangle Earrings

It will be disastrous if all the female species on this planet decide to go out of fashion - for whatever reason. What is the human species without fashion? Isn’t it interesting how sometimes fashions influence designs and at times, designs influence fashions? That’s true in case of diamond dangle earrings too. You will notice that how, some of these are shaped like chandelier or some like the myriad shapes of flowers & leaves; some look royal, while some look exotic or heart shaped or loop shaped; some crawl up the contours of your ears while some dangle gently below your lobes.


Some of these dangles have tiniest possible stones while some have the most visible stones in slightly bolder patterns. These patterns have taken inspiration from many sources: ancient cultures and traditions, Mughal designs, geometric patterns, chandelier patterns and much more to choose from. As an office goer, you would want to have a small collection of diamond dangles for your closet, pieces that will harmonize with every outfit you wear: Indian, Traditional, Western, Formal, Indian-Formal, etc.

Diamond Danglers

Not necessary that, to make a statement at wedding [yours or someone else’s] your jewellery should “look big” and cost a leg and a limb. Your Mangalsutra, earrings, necklace, ring etc. may be tiny looking and be economically priced, but it can still get you attention - a long lasting attention. Modern couples and contemporary brides opt for jewellery that look dainty, neat and are also budget friendly; something that can be worn other than wedding also. This trend has changed in the recent past, where people buying wedding jewellery would go for something big and bold, on-the-face designs, just to show off. These pieces could not be worn later on, because of the boldness of styling and amount of gold used. Modern day diamond earrings are chic and light in design as well as in weight.


            These designs are suitable for wedding wear:


These for your cocktail, mocktail and parties:

Noopur Diamond Earrings with large cut out circles outlined with diamonds - they look big, yet are light weight with a total of 0.96 Ct Diamonds


Chhavi Diamond Earrings in concentric oval shape, with a tiny stud on the lobe and the rest of it dangling majestically below the lobes; a total of 1.58 Ct Diamonds


Ishita Diamond Earrings that look like tiny chandeliers dangling from your lobes, with smallest chain connectors, studded with a total of 1.8 Ct Diamonds


Karunika Diamond Earrings that look like the dainty drapes of a curtain, holding single diamond in each drape, studded with a total of 0.33 Ct Diamond - very economical


You will fall in love with Dakshita Diamond Earring - the majestic shape of a peacock tracing the contours of your ears and also dangling below the lobes studded with 0.59 Ct Diamonds


Sierra Diamond Earrings studded with 0.9 Ct Diamonds in concentric circles of clusters is perfect for the bride who loves simplicity! Yet you can pair these ones with a diamond necklace too!


A flower has bloomed beautifully, leaving spaces in between the petals to make the piece bigger in Gleaming Petals Diamond Earrings, that looks large, yet are light weight with 1.7 Ct Diamonds tracing just the contours along with a small cluster at the lobe.

Diamond Danglers With Price

Even though a budget friendly range, a few pieces from this collection are bracketed between INR 20,000 to 2 lakhs. Diamond dangle earrings for wedding are priced between INR 20,000 to 1.6 lakhs.

GIA Certified Diamond Earrings       

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Diamond Dangles On EMI

Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for buying gold jewellery online so you don’t have to restrain yourself when you fall in love with gold jewellery and/or intend to buy a gift for someone very dear. Now shop online with peace of mind and buy that dream jewellery and make it yours; ask for a plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase.


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Style No C006141

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Style No R010536

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Rs. 104,393 Rs. 99,584

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Rs. 70,446 Rs. 66,196

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Rs. 55,124 Rs. 51,238

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Rs. 21,703 Rs. 18,515

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