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Diamond Eternity Bands Rings

Entangled Eternity Diamond Ring

Rs. 17,742 Rs. 15,888

Style No C014380

Havana Eternity Diamond Ring

Rs. 28,652 Rs. 26,798

Style No C014383

XOXO Eternity Diamond Ring

Rs. 13,511

Style No C014386

Deccan Diamond Wedding Ring

Rs. 56,225 Rs. 50,457

Style No C002117

BonBon Eternity Diamond Ring

Rs. 18,667 Rs. 17,637

Style No C014374

The Besotted Trinity Diamond Ring

Rs. 89,982 Rs. 85,285

Style No C012460

Sparkling Brook Eternity Diamond Ring

Rs. 81,230 Rs. 78,593

Style No C014361

Sarika Diamond Eternity Band

Rs. 39,244 Rs. 36,937

Style No C003605

Serenity Full Eternity Diamond Ring

Rs. 17,632 Rs. 16,602

Style No C013081

Ariana Diamond Wedding Band

Rs. 49,669 Rs. 45,384

Style No C001541

Darcy Diamond Wedding Band

Rs. 61,830 Rs. 57,504

Style No C002942

Miche Diamond Eternity Ring

Rs. 63,690 Rs. 62,042

Style No C001337

Alaina Diamond Eternity Ring

Rs. 102,029 Rs. 100,216

Style No C002622

Angarika Diamond Eternity Ring

Rs. 29,006 Rs. 27,276

Style No C001340

Antara Diamond Eternity Ring

Rs. 84,314 Rs. 82,254

Style No C001272

Eternity Band With Diamonds

What are eternity bands actually?


Eternity bands are set in uniformity along the periphery of the band and you can’t make out where they start and where they end. There is no mound of craftsmanship design that elevates away from the main band; they can be worn on any finger, but is preferred to be worn on the left hand ring finger for reasons of romance and emotions. Also, the diamonds can be set in either pave or channel; a claw setting or bezel setting and can cover half the length of the band. Such bands are called half-eternity bands. The name is given to symbolize the eternity of the bonding or relationship of the couple wearing them or the love and affection between the giver and the receiver. It is believed that eternity bands should never be taken off from your fingers.

Eternity Rings

Well, some latest eternity ring designs can also be shaped in different shapes or contours or cuts and be made in alternating diamond studded shapes, attached to each other. It is remarkable here, that for the craftsman, it is very challenging to make eternity bands, because of the different type of skills it demands, than any other ring. Bands made with baguettes also look classy and elegant and are usually a choice of the high class.

Diamond Bands

Some eternity band rings also use gemstones and precious stones, depending on choice from the buyer. In that case, it is recommended to use princess cut stones and use two tones of coloured stones to give a look that appeals. The latest trend of eternity bands is to wear more than one band on one finger. It is called stacking up bands – it looks really stylish! Try that for once, you sure will be addicted. Also, that will ensure you get more jewellery from your partner each time, which can also be switched as per your outfit/s.

Eternity Rings Designs

Because diamond bands use lots of stones, sometimes even solitaires, prices may go up, and you might consider purchasing on EMI. Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for buying jewellery online so you don’t have to restrain yourself when you fall in love with an exclusive design and want to own one. Now shop online with peace of mind and buy that dream jewellery you have been yearning for. Ask for an EMI plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase with interest-free instalments. This also ensures price protection for your purchase.

Diamond Bands Rings

Whether it is diamond or gemstone jewellery that you purchase, never compromise on the fifth C - Certificate. You have invested enough time money and energy on the 4 Cs, why compromise on the fifth one? If you are buying an item of high value, it has to be accompanied with a proper certificate and document issued only by authentic certifying labs; Candere gems are approved by IGI. All our gold jewellery products are BIS hallmarked; we value your trust and faith on us and justify it by selling you only authentic precious jewellery.

Diamond Bands For Her

Thanks to an online presence across various digital platforms, Candere reaches out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.


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