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Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement is a special occasion that marks the merger of two souls into one. It signifies the making of an eternal bond full of love and commitment. What better way to celebrate such memorable mom...

Diamond Wedding Rings


When in love, you got to celebrate it each day! Mark your love for eternity and let dazzling diamonds speak of an everlasting bond with your partner for life. Rejoice the most treasu...

Diamond Classical Rings

There are moments in life that mesmerize us with their occurrences. And then there are gifts that make those moments immortal. Shine her with a classical diamond ring that sparkles...

Daily Wear Diamond Rings
Be different, pick one of the exuberant designs for you and get noticed everyday with delightful daily wear diamond ring designs. A perfect fusion of conventional and contemporary designs, ideally des...

Solitaire Diamond Rings

There are moments in life that mesmerize us with their occurrences. And then there are gifts that make those moments immortal. Shine her with a classical diamond ring that sparkles...

Womens Bands
Indulge in our collection of women's classic and comfort-fit wedding bands.

Gemstone Rings
Glamorous, vibrant and exquisite range of natural mined gemstone and color diamonds jewellery.

Diamond Rings

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Buy Diamond Rings Online


If diamond is your fancy, then Candere is the brand for you! Amidst hectic living styles of today, it is hard to find time for leisure shopping. As a consequence of growing demand for convenient shopping options, E-commerce has is being highly preferred and appreciated by the much occupied buyer of today. Candere is a well-recognized brand dealing in quality diamond jewelry with exotic designs for the classy and affluent. For those who are planning to buy diamond jewelry online, Candere offers myriad options to choose from. The brand showcases several styles and patterns of diamond rings to suit the modern choices of contemporary lot. Categorized into different sections like Engagement , Wedding and Solitaire rings or choose from our exclusive collection of Daily Wear and Classical, Candere has simplified choosing options to buy diamond rings online. Adding to the superior quality of diamonds offered at Candere, its affordable price range is an icing on the cake! One can buy diamond rings online from a starting price of Rs. 9,450 upto Rs 60,000 depending on the carat, metal and number of diamonds in the ring. Also, one has options to combine the chosen diamond with yellow or white gold in 9K, 14k or 18k purity.


Diamond Rings Designs


Candere has to its pride exclusive designs and patterns for diamond rings. The brand exhibits several diamond rings designs that bring forth Candere's commitment to quality and uniqueness. Every design is a distinguished one here. Our diamond ring collection is exclusively classified into categories of Engagement, Wedding, Classical, Daily Wear and Solitaire. Suiting latest fashion trends and contemporary styles, our diamond rings designs can be combined with yellow gold and white gold and a few with rose gold as well. Moreover, the affordable price range between Rs. 7,450 to Rs. 60,000 fits well in the budget of class-defining Indian buyers.


Yellow Gold Diamond Rings


Yellow Gold diamond ring is an alloy of composition gold (91.67 %), silver (5%), copper (2%) and zinc (1.33%). Usually yellow gold looks more elegant than white gold and needs less maintenance. Candere exhibits a select range of yellow gold diamond rings to suit trendy styles and contemporary fashion. Our collection boasts of enhanced quality diamonds attached to sparkling yellow gold metal that can be chosen with a purity of 14k and 18k. All our yellow gold diamond rings speak of exquisite affluence and uniqueness to leave you spellbound. Offering an affordable price range, Candere is committed to deliver excellence through innovation in designs.


White Gold Diamond Rings


A white gold (18 K) diamond ring is an alloy of composition of Gold (75%), Palladium (10%), Nickel (10%) and Zinc (5%). However yellow gold looks more elegant but when paired with a diamond stone white gold is more perfect than yellow gold. White Gold Diamond rings at Candere offer superior quality and style. With a total of 1000 rings available for purchase, the brand has exotic creations and exclusive designs to suit every occasion. The entire collection is divided into special categories like engagement, wedding, daily wear, office wear etc. Moreover, with prices ranging between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 80,000, white gold diamond rings at Candere will surely not burn a hole in your pocket.


14k Diamond Rings


14 karat gold is 58.5% (585 parts per thousand parts) purity of gold. Diamond rings at Candere are available in different patterns and designs. Each style is unique in it's own way. Where you have a choice of combining quality diamonds with yellow and white gold, diamond rings at Candere can be bought in 14k and 18k as well. The price range is affordable with the minimum price being below Rs. 10,000. All 14k diamond rings have been classified into different categories to suit the preferences of classy and affluent. The sophisticated 14k diamond ring collection at Candere can be explored in the sections of engagement, wedding, classic wear, daily wear etc.


18k Diamond Rings


18 Karat gold is 75% (750 parts per thousand) pure and 25% alloy, means 18 out of 24 parts pure gold is mixed with 6 parts of alloy. 18k diamond rings at Candere offer high sophistication and outstanding innovation through unique designs for the elegance-defining jewelry lovers across the country. Our 18k ring collection showcases myriad styles of creativity blended with excellent quality of diamonds that radiate elegance and exclusivity. Engagement, anniversary or wedding, you can grace up every special occasion in your life with the exquisite sparkle of 18k diamond rings. What more? The reasonable price range starting from Rs. 10,000 is an added advantage for the affluent and classy.


Diamond Rings for Men


Diamonds are for every sophisticated personality. Suiting the elegant character of every male, Candere presents a robust and dazzling range of diamond rings for men. Our exclusive and exquisite collection redefines affluence with exotic designs to lure the men. Falling under an affordable price range, Candere's product line for the men speaks of style, grace and elegance. Moreover, the combination of yellow or white gold with sparkling diamonds gives an edge to the entire Candere Collection.


Diamond Rings for Women


Diamonds are a woman's best friend indeed! Candere offers an exquisite and exotic range of dazzling diamond rings for women that has been articulately designed to suit the sophisticated and 'classy' female. With 1000 sparkling rings in our kitty, we are committed to grace every happy occasion in your life by bringing forth your 'Elegant' self. Our exclusive collection of diamond rings for women is divided in various sub-sections like engagement, classic wear, daily wear, solitaire, office wear etc to simplify choices for stylish females. Adding to the trendy designs and quality diamonds, Candere also offers a charming combination of lustrous metal in yellow and white gold.


Solitaire Diamond Rings


Solitaire means a single stone, a diamond or other gem set in a piece of jewellery by itself. Some solitaires do have side stones, it usually refers to a ring set with a diamond and is a popular style of engagement ring. Candere is a one stop shop that caters to all diamond desires of the fashion-centric lot of today. Offering varied styles and patterns across different categories like engagement, wedding, anniversary, and daily wear, the brand is dedicated to showcase innovation through exclusivity. Candere's collection of Solitaire diamond rings can be known as a distinguished one in the diamond jewelry market. Coming in various styles and exotic designs, it's affordable price range starting from Rs. 15,000 is an added benefit for the elegant jewelry lovers across the country.


Diamond Classical Rings


The Diamond Classical Rings Range at Candere is an exclusive and exquisite one. Available at affordable prices ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 80,000, it flaunts superior style and grace to suit the affluent choices of contemporary lot. Diamond classical rings at Candere come in 14k and 18k and can be attached to quality metals in yellow and white gold. With 500 rings to explore in this range, the brand offers you enhanced style, exclusivity and elegance.


Daily Wear Diamond Rings


Says who, diamonds are for special occasions? Candere brings to you an exotic and extravagant collection of daily wear rings that are affordable, attractive and all-time new. Every design is unique in it's own elegant way. With prices starting from Rs. 8,950 and quality so superior, daily wear diamond rings range is surely the best bet for stylish lot.


Antique Diamond Rings


Candere offers a perfect blend of traditional thinking with contemporary style. Antique diamond rings at Candere radiate richness, grace and elegance. Available in an affordable combination of yellow and white gold, our antique diamond ring collection sparkles with quality and innovation. With trendy designs and fashionable styles, our exclusive range is set to glam up every special occasion like engagement, wedding and anniversary. Choose the purity (14k or 18k), pick your style and get ready to be a headhunter in every social gathering you go to!

  • Vyomdev Diamond Ring

    Rs. 19,650 Rs. 15,720
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C001256

    Ruhi Diamond Ring

    Rs. 14,650 Rs. 11,720
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C001310

    Promise Heart Diamond Rings

    Rs. 14,800 Rs. 11,840
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C001346
  • Kanishk Diamond Ring

    Rs. 13,800 Rs. 11,040
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C001331

    Asija Sapphire Ring

    Rs. 55,350 Rs. 41,513
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C001250

    Anabel Diamond Ring

    Rs. 28,750 Rs. 23,000
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C002651
  • Sanjeevini¬†Diamond Ring

    Rs. 28,500 Rs. 22,800
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005309

    Saloni Diamond Ring

    Rs. 69,900 Rs. 52,425
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005300

    Riha Diamond Ring

    Rs. 66,850 Rs. 50,138
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005288
  • Richitha Diamond Ring

    Rs. 58,850 Rs. 44,138
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005285

    Ivanka Diamond Ring

    Rs. 62,550 Rs. 46,913
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005249

    Samskruthi Diamond Ring

    Rs. 61,750 Rs. 46,313
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005216
  • Akanksha Diamond Band

    Rs. 102,400 Rs. 76,800
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005165

    Meha Diamond Ring

    Rs. 40,200 Rs. 30,150
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C004988

    Anushka Diamond Ring

    Rs. 45,100 Rs. 33,825
    in Yellow Gold 18K      Sku : C005042
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