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Diamond Couples Essence

Kim Diamond Wedding Band For Her

Rs. 33,464 Rs. 28,779

Style No C007379

Kanye Diamond Wedding Band For Him

Rs. 53,966 Rs. 46,411

Style No C002856

Daisy Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

Rs. 31,051 Rs. 26,704

Style No C002660

Donald Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 59,281 Rs. 50,982

Style No C002658

Rose Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

Rs. 44,229 Rs. 38,037

Style No C006989

Jack Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 72,671 Rs. 62,497

Style No C006991

Rayna Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

Rs. 91,948 Rs. 79,075

Style No C010242

Ryan Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 133,515 Rs. 114,823

Style No C010244

Natalia Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

Rs. 78,492 Rs. 67,503

Style No C010272

Nathaniel Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 113,179 Rs. 97,334

Style No C010274

Camila Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

Rs. 88,644 Rs. 76,234

Style No C010268

Camden Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 141,372 Rs. 121,580

Style No C010270

Leona Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

Rs. 108,222 Rs. 93,071

Style No C010278

Leon Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 125,195 Rs. 107,668

Style No C010280

Avery Diamond Engagement Ring

Rs. 41,534 Rs. 35,719

Style No C010354

Acelin Diamond Engagement Ring

Rs. 80,328 Rs. 69,082

Style No C010356

Couple Diamond Rings

These are diamond studded gold ring bands, meant for the couple who are completely besotted. These are pairs of bands that are made to resemble each other in design and pattern, sometimes also similar in diamond encrusting, ie. the number, size and carat of the stone is the same for both the bands – her & him. Diamonds are usually set in channel, bezel or flush setting right in the middle part of the band. The only difference is ‘his’ is thicker and ‘her’ is thinner in width.

Couple Rings Online

The beauty of these bands is, you can engrave each other’s names or special date or even a secret code on the inside of the band in such a way that each one has an incomplete message that is found on the other one. The bands fit comfortably on the finger, meaning, the insides are plain, flattened so it fits uniformly at the base. Even though, this is not really an Indian concept and has been picked from the West or other parts of Asia, the couple band concept has now become pretty popular even in India.

Ideally, the couple bands are exchanged after having spent considerable time with each other, as a symbol of commitment and togetherness. It can either be pre-engagement jewellery or a substitute of an engagement ring too, depending on one’s budget, cultural systems and individual choices too.

Couple Diamond Ring Design

As mentioned earlier, couple bands rings usually do not have too much artwork or craftsmanship on them, are usually plain with polished edges and either a solitaire or 3-4 diamonds arranged in a single line at the very center of the band, usually in flush or channel setting. Even though this could count for some simple gold bands too, without any diamonds at all. While some bands are cast in the classic yellow, white and rose gold also have been used – it looks very classy and sophisticated with diamonds.

Put in simple words, couple bands are meant to show off that you are in a committed relationship, soon to get married. So even jewellery follows certain rules, traditions and live by the books eh? Interestingly, this is the common factor that bridges the gap between diverse cultures from the west and the east.

Couple Diamond Rings With Price

These are priced on a scale of 20000 to 1 lakhs, some of them have solitaires also. Many bands have used diamonds ranging between 0.15Cts to 0.50Ct. So, when are you getting betrothed?

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