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Wedding Vows and the Mangalsutra Pendant

The Magalsutra or the auspicious thread is commonly donned by married women. Gold is the most preferred metal used for these. More prevalent in Hindu culture, this is equivalent to the wedding band in the west. 

It is referred to as Mangalyam, Thaali, Dejhoor, Minnu, and many more names in different parts of India. Depending on the culture there are several variations of the mangalsutra necklace as well as the pendant that goes with it.

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The Symbolic Significance of the Mangalsutra Pendant 

An important part of wedding jewellery is the main pendant that connects two portions of the mangalsutra necklace. Worn by the bride, it signifies the binding of two people- namely the husband and wife- in holy matrimony. 

It is considered to serve as a protection of the couple from all evil and safeguard their married life. This symbolic piece of jewellery is also associated with activating inherent energies in women. Additions such as black beads are said to ward off evil eyes and negativity.

Symbolizing the coming together of two families, in South India, each family often contributes to a portion of the central pendant or ‘bottu’ or ‘thaali’.  Depending on the region and traditions, this may vary. In Bihar, a single gold pendant is held by a simple chain of black beads. In Tamil and Telugu culture, the pendant is often held by a gold chain or a turmeric-smeared thread. 

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The central pendant may be all-gold or could incorporate precious stones like pearl and coral.

Some cultures have other unique signs of marital status. Common in the Hindu communities in Punjab, the father gifts the bride gold coins and bangles called the ‘Chuda’. Common among Kashmiri Hindus, the Dejhoor is worn by the bride and held by piercings on the upper portion of the ears.

Every tradition and culture has its own unique and beautiful interpretation of the auspicious thread and pendant.  The pendant generally represents the combination of divine energies (‘Shiv’ or masculine energy and ‘Shakti’ or feminine energy) resulting in complete balance and joy.

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Metals Used in the Mangalsutra Pendants

Gold mangalsutra pendants may feature symbols of religious significance or just a few gemstones. Although these are still popular choices, designs have evolved to offer a larger array including:

  • All-Gold pendants for mangalsutra: Set in the ever-resplendent metal, these commonly feature Goddess Lakshmi, floral, or other intricate patterns. You can find designs that range from traditional to modern. 
  • Diamond pendants for mangalsutra: Astrological significance of diamonds include-good fortune, wealth, improved confidence, improved mental clarity, and health to the wearer. Whether set in attractive patterns or used as a solitaire, you can find diamonds that are set in traditional as well as contemporary motifs. Brilliant in appearance, it adds an inimitable charm and beauty to the pendant.   
  • Platinum pendants for mangalsutra: Rarer than gold, Platinum also symbolizes purity, rarity and strength. Hypoallergenic in nature, Platinum also tends to gain a unique patina over time which enhances its natural radiance. When combined with diamonds it can look enchanting.  

You can find simple, elegant pendant designs that can be worn every day.

Catering to changing preferences there are hundreds of exclusive mangalsutra pendant designs. Set in gold, platinum, and other attractive combinations, Candere jewellery comes with transparency of the metal, its purity, gemstone specifications, and relevant product information. 

To help you with wedding purchases, you can book a mangalsutra pendant or other gold jewellery shopping with the DGRP plan. This easy and flexible installment plan can be availed with as little as a 10% down payment of the total cost so you can get ready to add a little sparkle to your life right away.

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Q. What type of mangalsutra pendant is ideal?

You can try any designs in gold, platinum, and diamond, You can try different patterns, length, and size of pendants for mangalsutra that suits the look. 

Q. What is a mangalsutra pendant?

A mangalsutra pendant is a connecting pendant that links the auspicious thread signifying marriage. The pendants are available in several metals like gold, diamond, platinum, etc.,