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Gold Jewellery Online

It is said/believed that if there has to be a gossip about you, it’d rather be about something positive or a mark that you leave on people’s minds. What you wear & how you wear it, how you carry yourself, your body language, your tone of conversation, your interactions with people, etc. are closely scrutinized and assessed by people and based on this, you are judged. What one wears in jewellery, also becomes a benchmark of judgement in many cases, especially if you are frequently seen with your bling. The designs you choose, what jewellery you wear and how different can you be, is what becomes a part of your identification, eventually.

Indian Gold Jewelry

Gold is almost a staple for every middle or upper middle class household in India, be it in the form of investment or designer jewellery, gold has simply become a way of life in people’s lives – an integral, inseparable part. Gold jewellery is always cherished as a status symbol and in some cases as treasured heirloom pieces and even a very prized souvenir. Gold jewellery exudes charm, elegance, grace and is the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Gold Jewellery Online India

Even though buying gold jewellery online may be a simplified process there are certain things to be kept in mind while making purchases online. Since this is not a store where you get to touch, feel, try and see the products physically, sizes may be of crucial importance. Sizes in terms of bangles, rings and chains are of utmost importance when placing your order online. While selecting chains, there are options given for thickness, length and grammage. These three factors are directly dependent on each other for selection of the product and placing order. Buying gold jewellery online is definitely beneficial both to the buyers as well as the sellers in ways more than one. Convenience, speed, comfort, competency, choices, savings over retail, secure, etc.

Gold Jewellery Designs

The latest innovation in gold jewellery is temple inspired designs that pay tribute to India’s rich culture and traditions, at the same time, make those carvings eternal & everlasting; to be looked up to forever. Many of these designs are enamelled with bright colours that convert a seemingly dull and boring look to an attractive, curious & presentable design that one would vie for. Some designs are challenging to be manufactured and required special kind of skilled craftsmanship and expertise only, to get the desired results. There are gold jewellery designs created for women, men and also for children in rings, earrings, pendants – the three very main categories and the most sought-after ones too, besides there are gold necklaces, chains, Mangalsutra chains, ear studs for men and bangles, bracelets and kadas too for women and men alike.

Hallmark Gold Jewellery Online

Candere always deals in only BIS hallmarked gold jewellery online, emphasizing a lot on the stress factor that bonds buyers to their jewellery vendors. Each and every piece of jewellery manufactured and sold here is hallmarked by BIS and it is advised that one should always check for the symbol of hallmarking on any jewellery while purchasing. The marking is also accompanied by a genuine certificate of hallmarking, which guarantees many years of service.


Prices for any piece of gold jewellery could scale from INR 10000 and below to 2.4 lakh and above; since gold is a prized commodity and is rare, its prices fluctuate drastically, from day-to-day.

Wedding Gold Jewellery

In India, marriage families are the most potential buyers of wedding gold jewellery and there is meticulous inspection, consideration, choices and selection of design, weight, genuineness & certification along with several other factors that contribute to the ultimate buying decisions. In our country, the wedding jewellery is a huge market for buying, selling, ordering and even customization of gold jewellery designs, sizes, etc. and generally happens almost all year round, keeping jewellers on their toes. No matter what, there will be at least a few pieces of gold jewellery exchanged in any given marriage ceremony in any corner of India. There may be a difference in choices, designs, products, methods of give & take, but jewellery is the most crucial aspect around which a majority of the marriages revolve!

Buy Gold Jewellery On EMI

Most gold jewellery buyers, who have the capability and interest to buy jewellery throughout the year, or even for marriages, usually prefer to pre-book their jewelleries much in advance of the fixed date of marriage or related ceremonies. Hereby, there is a massive bill that lands at their doorstep, which might be a cause of concern and worry, no matter how much they plan and anticipate the expenses. Candere offers the interest-free EMI option to plan and purchase, so you save your money as well as are able to buy what you desire, than not buy at all.

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