Gemstone Jewellery

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Ronja Swarovski® ...
Rs. 11,241

Offer Price: Rs. 10,974 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Krish Black Onyx ...
Rs. 19,110 Rs. 15,288

Offer Price: Rs. 15,565 (35% OFF on Diamond Price)

Aasmi Diamond Ring
Rs. 17,091 Rs. 13,673

Offer Price: Rs. 12,100 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Svea Swarovski® Zirconia Gold Ring
Rs. 8,712

Offer Price: Rs. 8,573 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Initial S Vakratu...
Rs. 16,060 Rs. 12,848

Offer Price: Rs. 12,756 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Asiza Swarovski® ...
Rs. 19,801 Rs. 15,841

Offer Price: Rs. 12,880 (50% Making Off)

Folding Leaf Swarovski® Zirconia Gold Pendant
Rs. 9,739 Rs. 7,791

Offer Price: Rs. 7,632 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Magena Swarovski® Zirconia Gold Pendant
Rs. 26,017

Offer Price: Rs. 21,124 (50% Making Off)

Sereia Evil Eye M...
Rs. 11,595 Rs. 9,276

Offer Price: Rs. 9,083 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Nakoa Evil Eye Br...
Rs. 11,595 Rs. 9,276

Offer Price: Rs. 9,083 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Ada Evil Eye Brac...
Rs. 12,605 Rs. 10,084

Offer Price: Rs. 9,787 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Happy Tinge Cubic...
Rs. 8,802

Offer Price: Rs. 8,555 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Lykke Islet Swarovski® Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 23,339

Offer Price: Rs. 18,954 (50% Making Off)

Amor Love Gemstone Earrings
Rs. 13,666 Rs. 10,933

Offer Price: Rs. 9,983 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Lykke Swarovski® ...
Rs. 20,549

Offer Price: Rs. 17,558 (50% Making Off)

Aria Pearl Earrings
Rs. 15,106 Rs. 12,085

Offer Price: Rs. 10,627 (35% OFF on Diamond Price)


"These gems have life in them: their colours speak, say what words fail of"

George Eliot

Gemstones Jewellery

Coloured gems have been ruling our hearts since time immemorial and this love has never faded. From occasions, to special events, to gifts, to exclusive pieces or astro pieces, gemstone jewellery has been an integral part of our lives since forever. Gemstone jewellery is either worn for astrological reasons or ornamental purposes. Not only that, gems have ruled the roost for our ancestors too - you would find one or the other famous celebrities from yesteryears or a King or a Queen who was known for the gem they wore all their lives. In a way, they endorsed that gem, giving goals for fashionistas to follow.

Gemstones Jewellery Designs

Gemstones are versatile in terms of designing and art: they can be fitted perfectly onto any design that is curated/conceived, with equal elegance - be it a pair of earrings or studs or a stunning pendant, a charming neck piece or an attractive ring. Gems actually add a complete touch to any design inspired from either region of the world or any time period or even the current trends that being followed. A gemstone jewellery can be a piece that would change the trend of an entire era or period or season.

Gemstones Jewellery Online

In India and many other places in the world, gemstones also hold astrological significance and each month of the calendar year is assigned a certain stone or a colour. For example, May is assigned Emerald, but if one wants to wear another shade of green stone, one can opt for Peridot which is August birthstone or Green Tourmaline for October. Also, the stones assigned for Zodiac signs are different from those assigned to the calendar months.

Gemstone Jewellery Designs for All

Candere has a selected collection of stunning gemstone earrings that can be a statement piece for a special event, or simple studs with minimal craftsmanship for daily wear. Some of these gemstone earrings are changeable: which means, you can wear it in different styles, remove one piece and wear the other one separately, make combinations within the piece or wear them like ‘studs by the day and danglers by the night’. Because your gemstone jewellery is precious, it needs utmost care and maintenance, different from your other jewellery pieces.


Keep them and store them separately, because there are chances of chipping, scratching, loosening of prongs and even falling off.  Avoid doing heavy work like gardening, gym, mechanical stuff and rough travelling with your gemstone jewellery put on. This increases chances of damage that could even cause disfiguration. This may happen because gems are not as hard as diamonds. Like it is the case for diamonds, the 4 Cs for gems too hold equal importance: cut, clarity, colour and carat. But, certificate is the fifth important ‘C’ that usually is overlooked.

Gemstone Pendants

Gemstones in pendants look really regal and majestic too. It may add a different appeal to your entire look and you might not need to wear any other piece of jewellery if you can wear one statement piece of a gemstone pendant. The Cocktail Cluster collection has some designs like this: Celine Pendant or the Denisa Pendant. Moreover, if you think a certain precious stone that you have set your heart on is still not affordable to you, you may replace it with a less expensive version- a semi-precious one.


All these pendants have been segregated under Holy Gems - religious gemstone pendants; Initials - Gemstone pendants that have cursive capital letters of English; and Classic pendants for daily wear.

Gemstone Engagement Jewellery

After diamonds, gemstones have become the next sought-after engagement stone option. Diamonds have suddenly become very popular and common too. Hence, a differently coloured stone for engagement either in smaller cent or in solitaire, makes one feel proud of their engagement gem, making gemstone engagement rings the latest fad in matrimony related jewellery purchases. Not only are the ladies fond of coloured engagement rings, the gems are liked and loved by men at par. Hence, 2-3 ct solitaire gemstone rings for men are also quite in demand these days. Also, for their weddings too, modern brides prefer to add some colour not just to the outfit and accessories, but also to their jewellery, in the form of gemstone necklaces, gemstone earrings, gemstone pendants and also gemstone Nosepins.

Gemstone Nosepins

Just like for solitaire engagement rings, coloured gems have sneaked their way into Nosepins too; hence Candere is witnessing a surge in the demand and sales of gemstone Nosepins too. These also, like any other gemstone jewellery, add vibrancy to a woman’s Nosepin collection. Now with such affordable ranges that begin from INR 2000 onwards, who wouldn’t want to have a small collection of their own, of coloured Nosepins, in different shapes, sizes of stones and settings? Gemstone Nosepins harmonize with any outfit one wears and any moods or nature of women - tomboyish, enchantress, traditional, corporate, school going, home-maker or entrepreneur at par.

Interestingly, many women order for two Nosepins together, to wear them as studs. Cool, eh?

Real Gemstone Jewellery

There are the pendants, rings, studs and then there are the gorgeous, elaborate gemstone neckpieces that will surely steal your heart away. These are mostly meant for bridal outfits and wedding wear, some of them are work just to show off as a statement making exclusive piece. Check out this collection and indulge in some stunningly gorgeous pieces that will make you weak in the knees…

Original Gemstones Jewellery

Whether it is a diamond or a gemstone piece of jewellery that you are about to purchase, don’t ever compromise on the fifth C - Certificate. You have invested enough time money and energy on the 4 Cs, why compromise on the fifth one then? If you are buying an item of high value, it has to be accompanied with a proper certificate and document issued only by authentic certifying labs; Candere gems are approved by IGI. All our gold jewellery products are BIS hallmarked; we value your trust and faith on us and justify it by selling you only authentic precious jewellery.

Stone Jewellery Online

Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for buying gemstone jewellery online so you don’t have to restrain yourself when you fall in love with an exclusive design and want to own one. Now shop online with peace of mind and buy that dream jewellery you have been yearning for. Ask for an EMI plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase with interest-free installments. This also ensures price protection for your jewellery.


Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.


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