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Gold Weddings Earrings

(268 Items)
Kesara Nivara Gol...
Rs. 49,052

Offer Price: Rs. 39,488 (55% Making Off)

Our Pick
Aslesha Kyra Gold...
Rs. 113,814

Offer Price: Rs. 91,898 (55% Making Off)

Nidhra Tushi Kyra Gold Earrings
Rs. 28,139

Offer Price: Rs. 22,586 (55% Making Off)

Vineeta Mudhra Gold Earrings
Rs. 66,028

Offer Price: Rs. 54,188 (55% Making Off)

Lohit Rang Gold Jhumka
Rs. 105,082

Offer Price: Rs. 88,299 (55% Making Off)

Manga Malai Anokhi Gold Earrings
Rs. 61,535

Offer Price: Rs. 53,745 (55% Making Off)

Aditra Nimah Gold...
Rs. 46,314

Offer Price: Rs. 37,972 (55% Making Off)

Adah Vedha Gold Chandbali Earrings
Rs. 284,040

Offer Price: Rs. 240,321 (55% Making Off)

Wedding Fever Gold Earrings
Rs. 42,891

Offer Price: Rs. 34,529 (55% Making Off)

Hiranya Kyra Gold Chandbali Earrings
Rs. 48,204

Offer Price: Rs. 38,806 (55% Making Off)

Prashvi Tushi Kyra Gold Earrings
Rs. 28,207

Offer Price: Rs. 22,654 (55% Making Off)

Shiza Mudhra Gold Earrings
Rs. 83,073

Offer Price: Rs. 67,622 (55% Making Off)

Pakhi Rang Gold Jhumka
Rs. 291,092

Offer Price: Rs. 256,777 (55% Making Off)

Bisini Anokhi Gold Earrings
Rs. 90,238

Offer Price: Rs. 80,409 (55% Making Off)

Rebha Nimah Gold ...
Rs. 69,102

Offer Price: Rs. 56,355 (55% Making Off)

Ajanta Vedha Gold Jhumka
Rs. 211,543

Offer Price: Rs. 181,278 (55% Making Off)


Indians have a holy matrimony with gold. From their first pair of earrings to their wedding jewellery, Indian women prefer making them in gold than any other metal. In this page, you can see some of the exquisite gold wedding earrings that are not only suitable for the bride-to-be but also for the guests.

In this page, we have curated 160+ gold wedding earrings for you to wear. Saree, lehenga, suits… we got you covered! Starting as low as ~Rs.11,029, scroll up to find gold weddings earrings for girls and women. All types of gold wedding earrings designs can be found above i.e. jhumka, stud, long drop, etc.

Gold Earring Designs for Wedding 

The big gold earrings for a wedding can be filtered out with the help of filters. One such filter that will help you get the desired earring gold designs are metal weight. In this filter, you can sort gold wedding earrings right up to 20gm. Since this page is exclusively meant for gold wedding earrings, you can find more options for the heavier designs.

Women tend to wear dangle earrings for a wedding. Here are some designs to look up for - Druthi gold jhumka, Krystal gold earring, Aashna gold earring, Deepana gold earring, etc. What’s interesting is, these gold wedding earrings also have matching necklaces that can be bought to sign off your shopping troubles.

Gold Earrings 

The gold wedding earrings you see above includes a bunch of gemstone earrings as well. These gemstone and gold wedding earrings are mostly jhumkas that go will all types of wedding-related ceremonies like haldi, sangeet, etc. Here are some options to get started with - Manorama, Saloni, Ramini, Jhoomar, Tamasi, Hemita, Kamakshi, Manohari… and many more!

These gold wedding earrings consist of gold and gemstone earrings only. However, we also have diamond earrings suitable for all occasions for you!  

Earrings Online

Enjoy the benefits of online earrings shopping by enjoying picking gold earrings designs from not only a handful but a pool of options. These gold earrings for women not only start at a super affordable price point but also has interesting offers running all year round to make your jewellery shopping more fun. All the other benefits are also at your disposal like flexible payment, easy return, free shipping in India, etc.

For every jewellery priced above Rs.10,000, you can purchase them on EMI as well as get jewellery insurance at a very nominal charge. Buying jewellery on EMI allows you to get the designs you actually loved rather than settling for something as per your budget. You can also manage your finances in a better way when you shop for jewellery on EMI. Getting your jewellery on EMI will help you protect your jewellery from unwanted mishaps.

Online Jewellery Shopping

The gold wedding earrings you see above start as low as ~Rs.11,029 only. Keeping such a low starting point for gold wedding earrings is to make shopping as well as gifts for weddings. These earrings include gold drop earrings wedding, gold balis, etc. You can also choose gold wedding earrings as per the type of jewellery like temple jewellery, antique jewellery, etc.