Below 20,000

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Affordable Gold Earrings

Earrings enhance the grace of a girl and the charm of a woman. From twinkling studs to delicate dangles and simple hoops the collection is complete with daily wear earrings starting at 8,000/- only. The products are perfect for gifting without going beyond budget; the earrings are lightweight and yet look big in size making them an ideal choice for most buyers. Simple everyday studs and hoops for school going children and young girls are available as well.

Budget Gold Earrings

Under 20K Collection makes it simple and easy for those with a smaller budget to buy something that will last forever in the memories of their loved ones.

Rs. 15,735

Style No GE00141

Rs. 15,252

Style No GE00125

Rs. 14,361

Style No GE00163

Rs. 17,961

Style No GE00145

Rs. 11,244

Style No GE00197

Rs. 18,406

Style No GE00239

Rs. 12,989

Style No GE00191

Rs. 18,629

Style No GE00195

Rs. 20,447

Style No GE00167

Rs. 9,871

Style No GE00161

Rs. 14,361

Style No GE00087

Rs. 10,094

Style No GE00159

Rs. 17,961

Style No GE00139

Rs. 9,871

Style No GE00137

Rs. 17,961

Style No GE00133

Rs. 19,965

Style No GE00117