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Festive Earrings

Mayura Gold Earrings

Rs. 18,308

Style No KCGE065

Fuchia Gold Earrings

Rs. 16,766

Style No KCGE073

Florka Gold Earrings

Rs. 17,826

Style No KCGE072

Paisley Gold Earrings

Rs. 20,187

Style No KCGE071

Flori Gold Earrings

Rs. 18,260

Style No KCGE070

Floret Gold Earrings

Rs. 27,221

Style No KCGE069

Firenze Gold Earrings

Rs. 17,681

Style No KCGE068

Eritha Gold Earrings

Rs. 21,150

Style No KCGE066

Zari Gold Earrings

Rs. 20,475

Style No KCGE064

Pazia Gold Earrings

Rs. 11,370

Style No KCGE063

Oralia Gold Earrings

Rs. 17,200

Style No KCGE062

Eranthe Gold Earrings

Rs. 19,079

Style No KCGE060

Nudara Gold Earrings

Rs. 15,754

Style No KCGE059

Kittim Gold Earrings

Rs. 16,959

Style No KCGE058

Daisi Gold Earrings

Rs. 17,681

Style No KCGE057

Bryani Gold Earrings

Rs. 25,776

Style No KCGE056

The Indian culture is full of festivals. Almost every month has a festival or two. Each festival has their own dress code or style of dressing up. Keeping the festivities that go on all year round, we curated a bunch of gold festive earrings that’ll go with all your traditional attires.

The key highlight of the gold festive earrings are their weight. These earrings are super light in weight, thus making their price quite affordable as well.

Gold Festive Earrings Designs

What you see here is a set of 50 handpicked designs. These designs can be broadly categorized into stud earrings, hoop earring and dangle earrings. The designs are mostly gold with selected gemstone ones.

All the gold festive earrings are made in 22K yellow gold. The gold festive earrings by weight vary from 1.4gm to 5.85gm. Given the fact that the collection starts pretty low on the weight scale, you can also consider wearing these on a daily wear too. Some daily wear ones are Aneira gold earrings, Pazia gold earrings, Pranjul gold earrings, Anthia gold earrings, Shantiv gold earrings, etc.

For the more fancier ones, look up for Mayura stud earrings, Firenze gold earrings, Ayana gold studs, Gitisha gold earrings, Giribala dangle earrings, Ahuka gold earrings, Florel gold studs, etc.

Festive Earrings Price

The gold festive earrings are carefully crafted to start at Rs. 6,676 only with Gyana gold earrings. These are a pair of hoop earrings with a very minimal design. These designs are apt for gifting since they have a traditional design yet is available at an affordable pricing. Moreover, feel free to add multiple designs for when your cart value crosses 10k, you can avail EMI and jewellery insurance on all the items in your shopping bag.

All gold festive earrings manufactured and sold at Candere are authenticated by BIS Hallmarking. BIS is a government initiative wherein the authenticity of the jewellery in ensured and the same is engraved on the jewellery. Besides, every jewellery will also come with an invoice during the time of purchase.

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