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Gold Gods Glory Pendants for men

Balkrishna Gold Pendant

Rs. 22,506

Style No GR00355

Lord Sri Krishna Gold Pendant

Rs. 44,939

Style No GR00353

Gajakarna Gold Pendant

Rs. 14,943

Style No GR00421

Buddhividhata Gold Pendant

Rs. 25,175

Style No GR00235

Hanumanji Gold Pendant

Rs. 35,246

Style No GR00249

Bajrangi Gold Pendant

Rs. 70,740

Style No GR00259

Sai Baba Gold Pendant

Rs. 79,063

Style No GR00277

The Zoroastrian Gold Pendant

Rs. 16,744

Style No GR00491

Holy Cross Gold Pendant

Rs. 9,155

Style No GR00243

EK Onkar Gold Pendant

Rs. 9,182

Style No GR00141

Agni Gold Pendant

Rs. 16,852

Style No GR00153

Omkareshwar Gold Pendant

Rs. 18,365

Style No GR00155

Om Namah Gold Pendant

Rs. 17,932

Style No GR00157

Pranava Gold Pendant

Rs. 12,243

Style No GR00483

James Horse Shoe Gold Pendant

Rs. 34,995

Style No GR00351

Lion's Roar Gold Pendant

Rs. 75,526

Style No GR00419

Mens Religious Gold Pendants

It is a positive sign that even in today’s times, men are still inclined toward religion, spirituality and toward worship; and regardless of what phase they may be experiencing in their life, they will never cease to pray to the Almighty. Devotion comes in many forms, the simplest ones and the elaborated, complicated ones. Men, as their nature goes, like to keep everything in their life very simple, sorted & uncomplicated, even if it is about their fashion & accessorizing. The simplicity in their life reflects in the designs of jewellery curated for them, for example in religious gold pendants. A person may belong to a particular belief system and would love to wear jewellery that resembles their deities or has a mark of their religion in some way or the other.

Mens Gold Pendant Designs

Here is a collection with myriad options to choose from for the different revered deities of India. Krishna Gold Pendant, Ganapati Gold Pendant, Cross Pendant, Ek Onkar Pendant, Om Pendant, Hanuman Pendant, Sai Baba Pendant, Muslim Pendant, Parsi Pendant – are some of the mens religious gold pendants designs.

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