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Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings

(10 Items)
Our Pick
Twogether Gold Su...
Rs. 7,148

Style No GE00322

Our Pick
Tipsy Triangles G...
Rs. 6,986

Style No GE00324

Love Sprinklers G...
Rs. 30,407

Offer Price: Rs. 24,316 (50% Making Off)

Circle of love Go...
Rs. 24,298

Offer Price: Rs. 19,431 (50% Making Off)

Love Rows Gold Su...
Rs. 14,835

Style No GE00312

Bee In Love Gold ...
Rs. 21,200

Offer Price: Rs. 16,292 (50% Making Off)

Show Some Love Go...
Rs. 14,294

Style No GE00318

Star Gold Sui Dhaga
Rs. 14,534

Style No GE00320

Twitter fritter G...
Rs. 21,081

Offer Price: Rs. 16,200 (50% Making Off)

Oyster Love Gold Sui Dhaga
Rs. 26,658

Offer Price: Rs. 21,319 (50% Making Off)


Sui Dhaga is a Hindi word wherein sui means needle and dhaga means thread. All the sui dhaga earrings in gold have the typical needle thread design. Besides sui dhaga earrings in gold, we also have the same in diamond.

Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings Designs

The sui dhaga earrings are the playful ones that even though looks big but are quite light on the ears. The playful chains in the earrings are what makes most women drift towards these designs. Some of the designs have a single shade of gold while some have multiple. All the sui dhaga earrings in gold are made in yellow coloured gold in 22K purity exclusively.

Some of these earrings also come with a matching necklace or bracelet and make a set – Bee In Love, Love Rows and Circle Of Love.

Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings with Price

Sui dhaga earrings in gold are priced at Rs. 8,714 only! The price is subject to change with the change in gold pricing as well as the on-going offers. Once your cart value hits 10k, you can go ahead and grab these with EMI or jewellery insurance.

Besides, shopping sui dhaga earrings in gold online also open you up to a world of advantages like free shipping in India, free customization, international shipping, free gift wrapping, etc.