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Gold Traditional Mangalsutras

(45 Items)
Nathasya Gold Man...
Rs. 77,410

Offer Price: Rs. 62,609 (50% Making Off)

Darsa Nivara Gold...
Rs. 81,289

Offer Price: Rs. 65,746 (50% Making Off)

Wati Gold Mangalsutra
Rs. 188,030

Offer Price: Rs. 152,077 (50% Making Off)

Pivari Gold Mangalsutra
Rs. 71,269

Offer Price: Rs. 57,642 (50% Making Off)

Mahishma Gold Mangalsutra With Chain
Rs. 215,341

Offer Price: Rs. 174,167 (50% Making Off)

Aekta Gold Mangalsutra
Rs. 161,527

Offer Price: Rs. 130,642 (50% Making Off)

Menita Gold Mangalsutra with Chain
Rs. 468,741

Offer Price: Rs. 379,115 (50% Making Off)

Eshna Nivara Gold...
Rs. 73,047

Offer Price: Rs. 59,080 (50% Making Off)

Pravara Kyra Gold...
Rs. 60,360

Offer Price: Rs. 48,819 (50% Making Off)

Bhuvi Nivara Gold Mangalsutra
Rs. 65,693

Offer Price: Rs. 53,133 (50% Making Off)

Shaili Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 140,033

Offer Price: Rs. 113,258 (50% Making Off)

Aheli Gold Mangalsutra with Chain
Rs. 149,487

Offer Price: Rs. 120,904 (50% Making Off)

Bhavi Gold Nivara Mangalsutra
Rs. 135,103

Offer Price: Rs. 109,271 (50% Making Off)

Poojya Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 56,966

Offer Price: Rs. 46,074 (50% Making Off)

Ansumati Gold Mangalsutra with Chain
Rs. 421,147

Offer Price: Rs. 340,622 (50% Making Off)

Mahuta Kyra Gold Mangalsutra
Rs. 122,256

Offer Price: Rs. 98,880 (50% Making Off)


In India, mangalsutra is a sign of being wedded. Mangalsutra comprises of a black beaded chain with attached to a mangalsutra pendant (tanmaniya/tanmania). However, in today’s times, you will rarely see people wearing the actual mangalsutra. Women have adapted the mangalsutra to match their fashion needs.

The tanmaniya can be worn with different types of chains as your heart pleases. This is the best way to be in sync with fashion even while wearing a mangalsutra. However, one may feel the need to own a gold traditional mangalsutra for family functions or just like that. That’s why we created this page with some of the best gold traditional mangalsutras you can ever lay your eyes on!

Scroll up to unveil 60+ gold traditional mangalsutras with a top-notch design that you will love to get for yourself or someone special. 

Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra

We have a bunch of gold traditional daily wear mangalsutras that’s apt for daily use. They are traditional, yet fancy. They will look great with any sort of traditional Indian clothes, whether festive or formal. Most of the gold traditional mangalsutras come in 22K Yellow Gold exclusively. Other gold traditional mangalsutras come with flexible length from 16 inches to 36 inches with variable chain thickness. Here are some gold traditional mangalsutras to get you started with - Bhuvi, Darsa, Bisini, Pearly Pleasure, Jiti, etc.. 

Designer Gold Mangalsutra

We love owning designer stuff. If our shoes, clothes, handbags can be designer, so can our mangalsutra. Here’s a quick sneak peek into the best in class designer gold mangalsutras for you - Hrutvy, Jiti, Chahana, Eshna, Bhavi, Deviya, etc.

Traditional Mangalsutra

Gold traditional mangalsutras are best for gifting your wife on the day of your wedding or to your wife on your anniversary. We have a bunch of typical Maharashtrian designs if you want something like that made exclusively in 22K Yellow Gold - Mahuta, Ruhan, Trishima, Nishma, etc.

We also have a bunch of gold traditional mangalsutras that is not only a mangalsutra but also makes the perfect necklace in itself. You can pair these up with a nice pair of gold earrings and you’re set for the event. Here are some of the fancy heavy gold traditional mangalsutras for you - Abharna, Atmaja, Ashwika, Mohana, Ansumati, Lotika, etc. 

Mangalsutra Designs

Traditional gold mangalsutra can be classified under various categories to make the shopping easier. One such category is Styling - traditional, ethnic and contemporary. If you wear mangalsutra occasionally, you can also bifurcate the gold traditional mangalsutras based on these occasions - casual outing, daily wear, festive, wedding and workwear. For every filter applied, you can further narrow down your search by adding more filters.

Buy Mangalsutra Online

Shop gold traditional mangalsutras online at Candere starting from ~Rs. 28,025. Shopping online has its own benefits like home delivery, multiple payment options, innumerable options, free customization, etc. At Candere, you get the added advantage of getting your jewellery insured for a very nominal charge and the option to purchase any of the gold traditional mangalsutras design on EMI. We have two types of EMI at Candere - Plan & Purchase and EMI by Kissht.