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Gold Mangalsutras

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In the observance of love and of commitment, one needs to solemnize the bond that is meant for a lifetime. Since eons, gold and diamonds have been instrumental in solemnizing this eternal bond and beautifying it. When a couple – solemnizing their bond – takes the seven sacred rounds around the fire, it signifies that they are tying a protective thread around their tender relationship to protect it from evil eyes of the world. A pure gold Mangalsutra means a thread of purity and sanctity that physically solemnizes an affectionate bond. It is the ornament that exudes marital bliss! This signifies the mark of unadulterated, woven love. An unconditional commitment to your soul mate, a friendship forever! This bliss is intensified when the couple enjoys together, the splendour that gold Mangalsutra radiates.


Popularly known as ‘tanmaniya, the gold Mangalsutra is a sign of the wedding bond, the forever relationship, the lasting relationship; a relation that is so unconditional. Gold Mangalsutra signifies the pious bondage of commitment, of love, of togetherness. Wearing a Mangalsutra gives the unrestricted feeling of protection, of security, of being admired. It signifies the merger of two hearts into one. It signifies being unified in love, in presence of the pious element of fire – whilst taking the seven sacred rounds.


Fire purifies. So it does to the gold. Gold, when purified, strengthens the bondage of love. It fortifies the bond of commitment. By wearing purified gold and taking the seven rounds of the sacred fire, you both have only reinforced your affectionate bond forever! Reason is, the meaning of the word ‘Mangalsutra’ = mangal meaning holy, sacred, pious, auspicious + sutra meaning thread, to join, to bond.


In short, Mangalsutra means, a sacred thread of matrimony. Pure Gold Mangalsutra is auspicious because it takes the evil eye off the most important woman in your life - “your wife”. Candere has the best love emblem - the latest gold Mangalsutra designs that you could find! Why settle for anything less than the most loveable Indian gold Mangalsutra? And what’s best, your heart leaped out the moment she said ‘yes’ to you! Don’t you think your ‘thread of love’ - 22k gold Mangalsutra - should also make her heart skip a beat?


Our designers put in their best to design your Gold Mangalsutra with precision and skill. Candere makes it special for you, through our extra-ordinary gold Mangalsutra designs. Yes, we create designs that you cannot ignore.


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