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Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

There can never be a dearth of jewellery designs – contemporary or traditional – with Candere, that vows to stand by its laurels and leads in the most innovative jewellery in the country so far. In a world of mindless copying and random mass production of designs, patters especially in the world of fashion and designing, here’s where we stand apart. There definitely is something exciting to look forward to with Candere, no matter what your choice or requirement. We specialise and pride ourselves in daily wear as well as occasional wear jewellery in diamonds, gemstones, gold and platinum, even though we are aware that jewellery is an integral part of a person’s life and in some case, also their identity. For some women, jewellery holds a great significance in their lives – they feel incomplete without a few pieces of jewelry on them at all times. Some love to wear exclusive designs, customized and tailor-made for them, such that it becomes a part of who they are.

Traditional Mangalsutra

If you are looking for an exclusive piece of a gemstone-studded diamond-Mangalsutra pendant, Sloane is what is highly recommended: it has the grace of diamonds and the ethnicity of green onyx stone, which can be replaced by an Emerald too for the sake of customization.


This collection is a heavier range collection in terms of both the design as well as the price; meant for occasional, festive and celebration trousseau. Well, a married woman’s ensemble / look is perhaps not very complete in richness without a beautiful diamond studded mangalsutra pendant and these are our favourite designs under this collection: Ridhima, Shweta, Pamela, Sireesha, Penelope, Madhuri, Haasika, Pradnya, Jagruti. 

Diamond Tanmaniya Designs

Most of these exclusively gorgeous diamond tanmaniyas are accompanied by matching designs of diamond earrings too, making them a complete set – to let you have the liberty of a jewellery set on stand-by whenever you need them. Just pick a gorgeous colourful silken saree and you are ready-to-go! So go ahead and add sets of diamond tanmaniya to your Candere shopping cart and wait for the best offers to come your way.


These are a few “sets” we recommend you to consider for your festivities and celebrations; after all diamonds enhance the spirit of and the experience of any Indian festival, don’t they! Chandramukhi, Sshraddha, Dhara, Haasika, Sloane, Pradnya, Madhavi, Bhoomika and so on.

Diamond Mangalsutra Price

No wonder these pieces will have a higher benchmark set for pricing too; you may want to opt for Candere’s interest-free EMI for completing your purchase. This takes away the burden from your wallet while you place your order. You don’t need to make the entire payment at one go or in limited instalments. For products priced above 40-50,000, you may book your product for a standard amount and then continue the payment as per your wish & will. This way, you are ensuring price protection for a gold jewellery, whose rates are constantly fluctuating.  

Certified Diamond Mangalsutra Online

If you are buying an item of high value, it has to be accompanied with a proper certificate and document issued only by authentic certifying labs; all Candere jewellery products are certified by IGI and are BIS hallmarked. We value your trust and faith on us and justify it by selling you only authentic precious jewellery.


Thanks to an online presence across various digital platforms, Candere reaches out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.

Rs. 40,460 Rs. 38,092

Style No C010975

Rs. 31,893 Rs. 30,031

Style No C004115

Rs. 45,695 Rs. 42,841

Style No C006819

Rs. 48,326 Rs. 45,654

Style No C006705

Rs. 36,343 Rs. 33,866

Style No C004733

Rs. 29,558 Rs. 27,494

Style No C004433

Rs. 84,448 Rs. 77,647

Style No C010521

Rs. 62,951 Rs. 60,370

Style No C004466

Rs. 89,670 Rs. 84,812

Style No C004088

Rs. 48,817 Rs. 45,824

Style No C006709

Rs. 45,819 Rs. 43,287

Style No C005195

Rs. 77,389 Rs. 74,778

Style No C005294

Rs. 52,731 Rs. 49,634

Style No C004469

Rs. 42,072 Rs. 39,898

Style No C006831

Rs. 30,697 Rs. 29,078

Style No C004085

Rs. 92,573 Rs. 90,023

Style No C004097