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Valentine’s day or not, it is never too late (or early) to gift your beloved big diamond rings. Or why even wait for your loved one to gift big diamond rings when you can buy one on your own. A diamond ring is a subtle way to convey many things that you cannot say just with words. You could either wear it as a token of appreciation and love from your beloved or as a promise to yourself. But beyond the meaning, big diamond rings are fashionable jewellery that displays luxury and wealth.  

Big diamond rings designs   

Big diamond rings are timeless jewellery that can be passed on as heirlooms and still be in trend. Diamonds are a sign of wealth, luxury and permanence. Its timeless brilliance can easily elevate a person’s style regardless of what they are wearing. There are several big diamond rings designs available. The designs can differ in the way the stone is cut, how it is set with other diamonds or gemstones and finally, on the type of metal band. The most popular diamond ring design is the solitaire with a round cut diamond. It is also the commonly sought-after design readily available in shops. Due to their desirability, solitaire rings are highly-priced. One can also opt for a princess cut diamond that is usually cheaper because there is less wastage in shaping the stone. The brilliance of a princess cut stone is much more than a round-cut stone because of the steep angles inside it. 

Big diamond rings price

It is needless to say that the price of big diamond rings are likely to be higher. Large diamonds are rare and even difficult to shape, and they require greater expertise to shape and enhance their brilliance. The ring price is more likely to be fixed by the diamond than by the metal diamond. The diamond is varied for its purity, determined by the 4Cs- carat, colour, clarity, and cut. The carat is the weight of the diamond. Big diamonds have a high carat value and hence a high price. The next factor is the colour and clarity of the diamond. Some diamonds come in a unique colour of blue or pink, and they are priced higher than the rest because of the shade and are rarer. Also explore our diamond rings for girls, single diamond rings, yellow diamond rings, gents diamond ring & diamond ring for boys. 

Buy big diamond rings online

More and more people buy their jewellery online as over 4000 global jewellery vendors have turned their business online. Candere has some of the best collection of big diamond rings online that you could browse through while being in the comfort of your home. It is much easier to look for suitable designs online because you can easily filter the carat value, clarity of the diamond and budget. Also explore our bluestone diamond ring, diamond finger ring, ladies diamond ring, silver diamond ring & diamond ring under 10000. 

Buy a Big diamond ring with DGRP

A big diamond ring can be a heavy investment, so you can buy it on EMI, where you deposit a one time value and then pay the remaining in installments. The DGRP system allows you to be protected from the fluctuating rate of gold and diamond. If you book your jewellery online under this scheme, you can pay the installments based on the price set on the date you booked the ring. If the price of gold rises, customers can keep paying at the rate they booked their jewellery. But if the gold rates fall, they can change their plan to have their jewellery at a lower rate.

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