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Necklace Sets

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  1. Wirewoven Gold Necklace Wirewoven Gold Necklace
    ₹152,666.00 ₹192,094.00

    55% OFF on Making

  2. Chequered Textured Gold Necklace Chequered Textured Gold Necklace
    ₹126,344.00 ₹158,974.00

    55% OFF on Making

  3. Whirlwind Gold Necklace Whirlwind Gold Necklace
    ₹155,298.00 ₹195,406.00

    55% OFF on Making

  4. Aarohi Gold Necklace Aarohi Gold Necklace
    ₹130,176.00 ₹158,795.00

    55% OFF on Making

  5. Kayla Diamond Necklace Kayla Diamond Necklace
    ₹1,175,262.00 ₹1,257,224.00

    100% OFF on Making

  6. shipFast
    Devasree Gold Necklace Devasree Gold Necklace
    ₹114,097.00 ₹139,182.00

    55% OFF on Making

  7. bestSeller
    Cherilyn Ball Diamond Necklace Cherilyn Ball Diamond Necklace
    ₹38,135.00 ₹44,614.00

    35% OFF on Stone Price

  8. Lyvia Curb Diamond Necklace Lyvia Curb Diamond Necklace
    ₹50,651.00 ₹54,415.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  9. Stephenie Curb Diamond Necklace Stephenie Curb Diamond Necklace
    ₹77,438.00 ₹87,404.00

    100% OFF on Making

  10. Cherrie Diamond Necklace Cherrie Diamond Necklace
    ₹270,961.00 ₹313,572.00

    100% OFF on Making

  11. shipFast
    Anna Diamond Necklace Anna Diamond Necklace
    ₹139,507.00 ₹163,455.00

    100% OFF on Making

  12. bestSeller
    Elora Emerald Necklace Elora Emerald Necklace
    ₹481,214.00 ₹527,224.00

    100% OFF on Making

  13. bestSeller
    Gia Diamond Necklace Gia Diamond Necklace
    ₹190,123.00 ₹214,843.00

    100% OFF on Making

  14. Estella Diamond Necklace Estella Diamond Necklace
    ₹151,571.00 ₹180,926.00

    100% OFF on Making

  15. Octavia Pearl Necklace Octavia Pearl Necklace
    ₹52,589.00 ₹65,774.00

    55% OFF on Making

  16. Amrapali Gold Necklace Amrapali Gold Necklace
    ₹99,193.00 ₹121,001.00

    55% OFF on Making

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Necklace Sets Designs

Jewellery adds a wonderful accent to any outfit. The kind of necklace designs can range from simple to elegant, and stunning to classic. There is an array of options available today making it easy to coordinate or wear it with different attire. Women wear jewellery in a totally different way than a man does. For example, a necklace for women is aimed to draw attention to her femininity, elegance, fine curves of neck, and charm. Alternatively, men wearing sophisticated necklace designs send a clear message that they are trendy, stylish, and fashionable. Also explore our Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Stone Necklace & Gold Necklace & Necklace Sets.

Diamond Necklace Set

Just buying a diamond necklace can create a grueling situation of mismatch, so it is good to look for a diamond necklace set. You can wear one statement piece or both, at any time. However, matching jewellery like necklace and earring strikes the correct balance making you look perfectly elegant. Moreover, our necklace sets are customizable as well as made to order, thus enabling you to buy the design you loved at an affordable rate. The unique necklace designs displayed on our site will surely suit your needs, budget, and occasions.

The trendy necklace sets not only look excellent on the neck of every bride but also on the entourage. Choose necklace sets according to your taste. Below are some tips to wear diamond or gold necklace sets perfectly:

• Women on the petite must not choose large pieces. Safely opt for a delicate, fine, and modest drop necklace set or bijouterie. It will compliment her personality and physique perfectly.

• To appear taller wear a necklace with a long pendant.

• Avoid wearing huge necklace sets because this may crowd your looks creating a tangled appearance. Your pretty face will be in the shadows.

• For the low neckline, a thin necklace decorated with tiny diamonds and the mid-sized pendant is fine.

• With a high-neckline medium or long design, the necklace is perfect. Our new virtual try-on feature lets you pose in the necklace even before buying it. Don’t miss the opportunity to try your necklace before shopping!

Necklace Sets Online

Marriage is a special occasion and needs the most intricate planning and detailing. In the wedding planning list trousseau and gold jewellery tops the list. The majority of Indian families choose jewellery first and then select clothing. Below are some gold necklace designs, ideal for marriages. Also explore our Collar Necklace, Choker Necklace, Layered Necklace & Delicate Necklace.

Matar mala – It is a chain having multiple gold beads. Pair it with a choker set to increase its look to a totally new level. You can wear it in an outfit that is neither very light nor too heavy.

Keralite set – South Indian necklaces certainly steal onlooker’s attention. It is different from normal gold necklaces. Bright yellow gold is used to design this necklace.

V-shaped necklace – These are ideal to embellish the bride’s blouse. In the end, there is an attention-grabbing pendant. The green and red Kundan flowers add a new essence. Even after decades, this set can be worn because its trend will never end.

Wedding Necklace Set

Diamond haram with emerald – An ideal combination that blends with all traditional attire. Also explore our Rani Haar Necklace, Pendant Necklace, Traditional Necklace, Lariat Necklace & Rope Necklace.

Necklace Sets Price

Shop as your heart says and not your purse. Not only have we designed the necklace sets to make you fall in love at first sight but also the pricing has been kept quite affordable for our customers.

Gold, Pearl & Stone Necklace Set

Candere offers all types necklace sets in gold, pearl and stones.

Gold Necklace Set Designs

The latest gold necklace set designs with price are regularly updated on our website, thus there will always be new pieces of jewellery catering to your interests. Some bridal necklace set are also available for you to pick for your special occasion. These necklace set with price range from Rs 29,486 approx to Rs 415,698 approx.

The necklaces are known for the detailed designs and aesthetics that keep the onlookers awestruck. Scroll through the jewellery pieces on the website and you will certainly find necklaces that will meet your expectations if not surapasses them. And in case you do find a piece that you like but would like to alter certain designs then you could always have a necklace customized to your liking.