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Diamond Solitaire

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Solitaire Rings Designs

Not all diamonds are solitaires. Not all solitaires are flawless. Not all solitaires are pricey. Only Candere Diamonds are divine, class apart from other by possessing a natural touch to them. Solitaires in their true meaning are lonely, single diamonds, large enough to be not-ignored! Solitaires - they will hypnotize you with their blinding shine and flawlessness. Solitaires are absolute! Unbeatable designs of solitaire rings - Candere has it all, from various setting types, to various ring-shoulders, solitaire carats - a plethora of diamond solitaire rings to choose from, literally!

Diamond Solitaire Rings

The colossal variety of designs of solitaire rings defined specially for the extraordinary woman, and an extra ordinary occasion at that, are identified by the massive rock placed right at the center of your ring - that perfectly speaks for your love. Candere Solitaire Diamond Rings are so versatile, you can wear them to work, to anniversary parties, to boardroom meetings, to a romantic evening, or a sensuous anniversary night...everywhere and anywhere!

Buy Solitaire Ring Online

Let's give you an even better idea. Try the Barrie Diamond Ring to your candlelight dinner next time, and watch the candles blow away in embarrassment under the stunning glow of your solitaire! Solitaires are known to have an empowering hypnotizing effect on people! Your guy is sure to fall flat on his knees for you on your dinner date! A similar effect is simulated in the Mahira Diamond Ring - a white solitaire ring, priceless at INR 75,000. Now don't you want make his heartbeat go boom boom?

Solitaire Ring Price

Best solitaire rings of Candere, are quite affordable at INR 20,000, right up to 4 Lakh - this the most mesmerizing collection you could ever come across. The most precious solitaire diamond ring at Candere is priced at a whopping 5.55 lakh, with a single princess cut stone as its center, held by four L shaped prongs. We envy the girl who will be the proud owner of this ring!

Solitaire Rings India

When the word solitaire is spoken, an image of 1 carat usually pops up in the mind. Interestingly, the smallest ‘solitaire’ carat size on Candere is 0.20 - only! That makes it quite affordable. You would find many such ‘pricey’ yet affordable solitaire rings for engagement on Candere, that would live up to your expectations and also suit your fiancé’s personality - don’t you love that?


 The most popular solitaire engagement ring on Candere is the Knife Edge Diamond Ring, which has seen repeat orders, month on month. The word knife edge describes the shank of the ring, which feels like the sharp edges of a knife!

Best Solitaire Ring Design

You would find all types of settings, designs of solitaire rings, suited to match your personality types or that of your girlfriend if you are a guy. From simple knots and cross knots, to three stone solitaire rings, or solitaires captured within a glowing halo, to illusion solitaires, or cocktail solitaires for juicy cocktail gossips, and even vintage solitaire rings  to celebrate undying love.


But our most favourite and best solitaire ring design is in the Cornflower Diamond Ring in double halo, i.e. two concentric circles of round diamonds, flanking a 0.30 ct solitaire and split diamond studded shank ring in white gold! This is what one would refer to as a ‘jaw-droopingly-awesome’ diamond ring!

Solitaire Rings Online

If you are planning to flaunt and show off your sparkles, this is what we strongly reckon you to own: Eternity Filigree Diamond Ring; Shalin Ring - don't let your friends make you jealous, do the reverse instead! The 0.40 carat diamond on the Eternity Filigree ring is absolutely adorable! Well, diamonds actually speak volumes, don't they! What’s best is buying solitaire rings online also allows you to save a few thousands, for many reasons.


So, end your excruciating wait for owning diamond-friends right away, buy solitaire ring online only on our premium online jewelry destination - www.candere.com. With easy online shopping facilities like free shipping, lifetime exchange policy, certification on every piece you buy, EMI payment, make your shopping experience absolutely smooth and really fast! Candere is your diamond destination for sure.


You may also love to explore our collection of couple diamond rings, casual diamond rings & cocktail diamond rings to add to your collection of solitaires! 

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