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Gold Rings Under 10000- A Symbol of Eternal Love and Bond

Jewellery in Indian culture symbolizes beauty. While some wear it to show wealth, power, and status, others wear it as a form of creative interest. Jewellery plays a very symbolic role and carries spiritual, health, and ethnic meaning.  From earrings, rings, and chains to anklets, every piece of jewellery has a deep meaning and impact. Rings are considered to be the expression of eternal commitment between a man and woman and also lend the fingers and palms a graceful look when worn. 

Over time, well-crafted gold rings have become exceptional in jewellery sections, becoming a trend from the regular staple ones. Rings are classic pieces of jewellery that one cannot resist. Be it an engagement, wedding, or special event; rings are one of the best picks for gifting. With so many ring designs, there are plenty one can choose to match their look and outfit of the day. 

The Tradition Behind Wearing Rings

One of the essential ornaments worn by men and women, rings are considered to balance and bring good health. Each finger on our palm is connected to a nerve that connects to the brain.

However, several cultures, including the western culture, have the tradition of wearing rings on the fourth finger. It can be traced back to the Ancient Romans who also believed that the ring finger has a vein that runs directly to your heart, called the Vena Armoris, or ‘vein of love.’

Pick the Right Color of Gold Ring for Women Under 10000

There are so many gold rings under 10000 that you will be spoilt for choice. But start with picking the right color. White gold is a neutral shade that enhances the look of gemstones, and yellow gold is the natural version and will suit every kind of skin tone. Rose gold is the latest trend and is great for everyday wear and occasions.

Different Gold Ring Designs for Women Under 10000

A gold ring under 10000 can come in various designs and is crafted for specific themes and occasions. Read below to find the best one for you:

  • Anniversary Bands: 

An ideal gifting item for both men and women, these come in different variations. Some have diamonds studded on the surface or colorful stones set in. You even have plain bands which look simple yet elegant.

  • Birthstone Rings: 

These rings have the person's birthstone engraved and studded. These are great pieces of personalized jewellery in plain gold with just the gemstone embedded. You can check out the gemstone-pearl-embedded rings on Candere. 

  • Bands: 

Quite the trend nowadays, plain rings like a band have caught on. There is the option of personalizing and engraving on the PDP.

  • Contemporary Rings: 

With sleek designs and fine lines, contemporary gold rings under 10000 are one of the best options for those with a busy lifestyle. You can always match your everyday outfits with these rings. 

Price Range for Gold Rings for Girls Under 10000

Gold rings come in various designs and colors and are priced competitively. Candere has a wide range of gold rings under 10000, which are available for both men and women.

The range differs depending on the color and design. The price range for gold rings begins from INR 10,000 and goes as high as INR 1.5 lacs. The price of the rings also depends on the size, weight, color, and shape of the stone set in the ring.

Get Your Favorite Stone Ring with DGRP

Gold rings are considered a piece of auspicious jewellery in Indian tradition; therefore, manufacturers have come up with different designs and trends for everybody to afford. Candere offers a fantastic scheme called the DGRP to buy your gold products. You can now book a gold ring under 10000 with this plan with installments. Double Gold Rate Protection is a plan that lets buyers pay only 10% of the entire amount at the checkout while being able to pay the remaining installments over some time.