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Ear Studs

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Diamond Stud Earrings For Men

Studs look so very cool, and elegant. They add to the glamour quotient for any gentleman. They look so very fashionable and stylish, yet make a humble presence on a man’s diamond accessories. Men’s Ear Studs command attention in a subtle way, but do look sophisticated, don’t they? This collection includes two swastika designs also, for men who are religiously inclined, and then there is an earring shaped, round stud, encrusted with 0.34Ct diamonds.

Diamond Studs For Men

Candere has an elegant assortment of selected diamond ear studs for men within a pocket friendly budget of INR 10,000 to 96,000. With diamond sizes ranging from 0.05Ct to 0.50Ct, you are sure to make heads turn, cause you’re making a fashion statement.

Mens Diamond Stud Earrings

Wear it in style, wear in single or in a pair, it is sure to look very chic and dashing - either on a jazzy rock-star evening or a vintage romantic dinner; make a style statement at a wedding, or be the cool dude amongst your friends. This is the one accessory that you will most surely fit into, without worrying about hassles, you can easily purchase online and be a smart shopper. No matter what, the chic diamond studs will make for the perfect accessory with any outfit you wear.

Diamond Studs For Men On EMI

A few of these diamond studs for men are pricey – INR 50000 & above; hence you may worry about budget and payment related stuff. That’s where we offer the EMI plan and pay option that saves the day for you. Once you have selected and finalized your design on Candere, simply make a booking payment of any amount you choose and then continue to pay the remaining amount over a period of a few months. The booking amount is a part of your total order value, so you are never paying a penny above the total price of the jewellery. There is no extra cost involved in the form of interests. This way, you protect your price too.

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