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The king of white stone: Moti ring 

Moti rings or pearl rings are extracted from mussels or oysters. They are the only gemstones that are extracted from living animals. Due to its beautiful and unique black and white colour, the Moti ring is famous amongst people all around the world. When you wear these rings, it helps to enhance your beauty, and it gives a very simple yet sophisticated look. If you are looking for an elegant Moti ring with genuine pearls, Candere is the best place to search for! Our website has a range of Moti rings that are available in different designs; you should check them. Explore more here Amethyst  Rings, Aquamarine  Rings, Emerald  Diamond  Ring, Gemstone/Pearls & Ruby  Rings.

Different Prices of Moti ring design 

Moti is priced according to every Ratti. Different pearls are weighted, and they should always be in between 7 to 8 Ratti or 1200 to 1400 mg. According to their weight, Moti rings are priced. On our website, the prices of the Moti ring design start from around INR 12000 to around INR 45000. The price of Moti rings also varies by their colour; since black Moti rings are very difficult to extract, their prices are much higher than the white Moti rings. 

The price of the ring also goes up according to the ring type. If the Moti ring is made of gold or platinum, the price of the ring will gradually increase. Hence, we have brought many schemes through which you can easily purchase the rings. You can check out the website for more information. Explore more here Blue Sapphire Ring, Peridot Rings, Garnet Ring, Yellow Sapphire Ring, Tourmaline Ring, Tanzanite Rings.

Benefits of wearing a white Moti ring 

Besides being beautiful and sophisticated, the White Moti ring has many astrological benefits. They are as follows: 

  • In astrology, it is believed that the white Moti rings bestow the blessings of the moon or Chandra.

  • It helps to bring peace and stability to your mind. 

  • It also increases your courage and calmness of the mind so that you can think about any situation and act rationally.  

  • It also helps to control your emotions. 

All these benefits of wearing white Moti rings will bring peace and prosperity to your life. 

Various types of Moti ring designs for female 

Moti ring design for female is made thinking about modern society and also keeping the designs of the old age. Many women like to wear vintage rings which bring out the refined look of the person. The modern rings are designed in such a way that they can be worn on any special occasion or at a party, or in important meetings. Our designers are from the best university, and they know exactly what modern women want. Hence, you will get a variety of options on our website. 

Benefits of using DGRP while purchasing a Moti ring 

The Moti ring design for male is available in a very simple format, but on our website, you will get numerous options. All these options will help you to sort out the best ring for your man. If you are thinking about how to purchase such a pricey ring, then you should check out our DGRP or Double Gold Rate Protection scheme. This scheme provides a lot of benefits like: 

  • Installment is available in 6 to 12 months.

  • You can lock the rate of the jewellery by paying 10% of the total price.

  • There are no processing fees and iterate rates. 

There are more benefits of this scheme. You can check it out today on the Candere website.