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A must-have gemstone for the ultimate jewellery collection: yellow sapphire rings

For people who love jewellery and yellow, a yellow sapphire ring is a must-have. And in fact, the yellow sapphire is the perfect stone to set the mood for summer, and nothing is better than a breezy and elegant yellow on your fingers that you can pair up with almost every colour. Above that, it is also a great alternative to diamond rings, equally magnificent to look at yet way more affordable. Hence, yellow rings have become one of the top choices for brides to go for on occasions of engagement as they are both economical and attractive. At Candere, we have an assorted range of yellow sapphire rings, which give a wide range to pick from, according to your preferred design or budget. Explore more here Amethyst  Rings, Aquamarine  Rings & Emerald  Diamond  Ring.

Can yellow sapphire rings be worn by men?

Fashion has evolved at a fast pace, and we have broken free of conventional fashion norms regarding who can wear what. At Candere, we emphasize beauty and grace irrespective of gender and bring you a yellow sapphire ring for men, which is an ideal piece of jewellery for you or for your family members. It also makes for a great present which you can gift your brother for his wedding anniversary or your husband for engagement. Explore with Candere the charm of a yellow sapphire ring and expand your jewellery collection with something new this time. 

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Buy yellow sapphire rings with a gold finish

Gone are the days when there were specific metals to go with specific gems, and you did not have an option to customize them according to your convenience. Nowadays, you can wear any metal with any gemstone. Similarly, a yellow sapphire gold ring is now the latest “#trending” in the industry as it gives gold a unique touch with a hint of yellow and enhances your look. 

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Designs of yellow sapphire rings

What is more exciting than customizing your favourite stones just the way you like? Like more or less every other stone, as discussed above, increased flexibility has also led to a hike in designs, textures, and sizes, and Candere offers you all at the same time. Be it delicate, solitaire, band, or multi-stone, a yellow sapphire can come in a number of designs. To make your ring shopping experience with your family or your partner exciting, do not forget to check out the different yellow sapphire ring design at Candere. 

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Yellow sapphire rings for women

Getting back to the discussion of yellow sapphire ring for women, it can easily be argued that they should be a piece of quintessential jewellery for them. Yellow sapphires have a specific pleasant and pale shine quality in them, which can ace any Indian woman’s traditional outfit. Here at Candere, you will get fine yellow gemstones that are rare to find. In addition to being the September birthstone, the gem of the 45th wedding anniversary, and the zodiac gemstone for Virgo, sapphire is considered a bringer of wisdom and prosperity. We are certain that after bringing home this cheerful and bright ring, you will not regret your decision.

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Buy yellow sapphire rings with DGRP

The price of gold is always going up and down. However, with the Double Gold Rate Protection plan, you do not have to bear the brunt of it. Buy yellow sapphire rings with DGRP and pay the price in installments of your choice from 2-12 months and enjoy all its benefits.