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How to choose the best Neelam ring for your benefit? 

Rings are always special to people; some rings are gifted to special people, some rings are important for people who believe in astrology, and some rings are beautiful from which you cannot take your eyes away. Neelam ring is fashionable as well as Neelam is a Gemstone; hence it has an astrological value, so people who believe in astrology have a special value of this ring. Therefore, Candere has some of the best Neelam rings available on the website. We have some of the best designs and finest cut Neelam rings, which you should check. 

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How much can you spend on Neelam rings?

The Neelam stone ring is available in different price ranges, starting from rupees 14,666 to around rupees 1,30,000. The Neelam ring looks quite beautiful when worn with dresses or casual clothes. They fit with every look. Earlier, these gemstone rings were very popular amongst kings and queens. They wore these to show their power and wealth. Later with the introduction of astrology, and the importance of stones in life, people started to buy and wear these stones.  These stone rings are still fashionable and beautifully designed in rings. People still wear them. They are used as fashion accessories, and also these stones have great value in the market. 

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Different captivating designs of Neelam rings

The Neelam ring design is beautiful and exceptional. All the designs are made by our top-rated designers. All the designs are made uniquely for you. You can easily get hold of these designs by visiting our websites. Every design is inspired by modern women. You can easily wear these designs at your parties, at work, and casually on any tour. All the designs are intrinsic, and the rings are made up of gold. Gold goes very well with Neelam ring designs. Gold rings give it an ethereal look, and you can easily purchase them. Even though the market price of gold is higher, there are many schemes that you canopy while purchasing from our website. 

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Ring design for woman 

The Neelam ring design for woman is specially made for the modern as well as old age style. Many women like to wear old-school rings to give them a vintage look. Women like to wear fashionable rings which will go with all their outfits. The Neelam rings are specially designed so that they can go perfectly with any clothes they wear. The blue and sapphire colour of the rings give it a beautiful and out-of-the-world look. 

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Benefits of using DGRP

The Neelam ring design for man is specially designed, keeping in mind the different types of designed rings preferred by men. Usually, men's rings are thick, and they have a very simple design on their rings. Hence, we have some of the best designs available at the best price. If you feel that the price of our rings is high, you can choose our DGRP or Double Gold Rate Protection. We offer the best facilities under the scheme like 

  • Paying the total amount in installments of 6 to 12 months., 
  • The rate of the gold remains the same throughout.
  • No convenience or interest rate fee is required to pay.
  • You can pay 10% of the total amount and lock the jewellery. 


If you are interested in this scheme, check out Candere website for more details.