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Manik Ring

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Manik Ring: Astrologer's favourite gemstone

Manik ring is very much popular amongst fashion designers and astrology as well. Manik is a red colour gemstone that we know as ruby stone. The red colour is very bright and shiny; the beautiful luster can make your eyes shine. Manik rings are very popular. They were very much famous among the ancient kings and queens. In different treasures, you can see the Manik gemstone in them. If you want to purchase a Manik ring, you should check out our website, Candere, for more information.

Different prices of Manik ring design

Manik is one of the beautiful gemstones. It is as costly as the diamond. The price of the stone starts from INR 450, and it can go as high up to around INR 200000 per carat. The price of the Manik ring increases with the weight and also the quality of the stone. If you use a golden ring, the price increases. As the price of gold is increasing, the total price of the Manik ring design also increases. Explore more here Amethyst  Rings, Aquamarine  Rings, Emerald  Diamond  Ring, Gemstone/Pearls & Ruby  Rings.

Why should you wear a Manik stone ring? 

Manik stone ring provides a lot of benefits in the astrological field. The astrologers think that wearing ruby can help boost your confidence and give you success in life. Here are some of the benefits of wearing a Manik ring: 

  • Wearing ruby will help increase your mental strength. As Manik stones are associated with the sun, it is known as the king of gemstones.

  • It helps to increase your leadership skills, beauty, and thinking ability.

  • It helps to improve your relationship with people, especially your paternal side.

  • It also helps to improve your health.

  • Manik rings are suitable for certain zodiac signs. Hence if you want to wear them, it is better to consult an astrologer. 

Various designs for the Manik stone ring 

Manik stone ring design for man is generally very plain and simple. But if you want to get the best designs, we have all the options for you on our website. Rings for men are usually very simple and thick; there are not many options available. But on our websites, you will find various designs made by our talented designers.  

Starting from the traditional look to the modern look, we have all types of Manik stone rings available for men. All the designs are very popular, and they are unique in their way. Men can easily wear the rings with any outfit, be it casual, formal, or party wear. The rings will go with every time of event or dress. Explore more here Blue Sapphire Ring, Peridot Rings, Garnet Ring, Yellow Sapphire Ring, Tourmaline Ring, Tanzanite Rings.

Use of DGRP in the purchase of Manik stone ring 

The Manik stone ring design is made carefully, covering all the details as drawn by our designers. We want to be liked by our customers; hence, all the designs are uniquely made, and we are sure they will be loved. If you are finding it difficult to purchase the ring, you can opt for the DGRP or Double Gold Rate Protection scheme. Through this scheme, you can choose to:

  • Pay the money in an installment available for 6 to 12 months.

  • Lock the price of the ring by giving 10% of the total price.

  • You are assured of getting the lowest price even though the gold rates increase.

  • No charges like the interest rate or processing fee will be required.  

We are sure we will be able to satisfy your needs for having a beautiful yet sophisticated Manik ring. Explore more here Pukhraj Ring, Neelam Ring, Panna Ring, Moti Ring & Manik Ring.