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Diamond Cocktail

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Cocktail Rings

Interestingly, cocktail rings go back even more than any normal rings for they have been adorning the fingers and hands of the kings, queens and the emperors. Even though, in the recent times, it is seen more frequently on ladies’ fingers than on men’s.

Cocktail Ring Designs

It is defined by jewellery experts as an oversized ring, with a center hero-stone surrounded by several tiny stones, arranged in a certain pattern, usually a replica of something. It is intended to grab lots of attention toward itself and also make a fashion statement; it is large, loud, bold and very fancy. This ring is usually worn for parties, outings, dates, dinner or festivals. The cocktail ring can be either single finger ring or two finger or even three finger ring. Their name is derived from the fact that these rings are usually flashed at cocktail parties and get togethers and perhaps take inspiration from the fact that like the drinks, the rings are also a fusion of several designs, colours, stones and settings. The fun part about these rings is, that there is no standard to be followed and the designer can enjoy creative liberty as can the wearer, and match it up in the most unusual manner. The cocktail rings are designed to pull attention toward the wearer’s fingers and get-up whilst having drinks and enjoying conversations / gossips.

Diamond Cocktail Ring Designs

Amongst the female party revellers, there is always the competition to look the best in a social gathering; about who has the fanciest, flashiest and most flamboyant jewellery or in modern words ‘bling’. It depicts the personality of the wearer as being outgoing, extrovert and bold. The idea of these cocktail rings, when it was conceived in the early 1900s, was about freedom and liberation of women, that was depicted in these bold and loud designs and the amount of glitter it carried; almost as if revealing the charisma of the wearer.

Cocktail Rings Online

Over the years, the concept, design and patterns of these rings underwent sort of revolution and even though there are contemporary versions of the cocktail rings, some fashionistas still prefer the older versions of the designs, as antique and vintage cocktail rings. All the glitter and reflection of these rings comes from the surface of the several diamonds and precious stones embedded in them.

Cocktail Rings Online India

Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, these cocktail rings are very common and their popularity has spread far and wide, across countries, regions and cultures. Women prefer customizing their cocktail ring designs from their favourite jewellers, who oblige by trying their best to incorporate as much as possible of the specifications provided by the buyers. The design of the cocktail ring is slightly curved or elevated from the center, and is not supposed to be flat; each design is unique in itself and speaks about the idea from which it was originally conceived.

Cocktail Rings Diamond

As per their patterns, the cocktail rings attracted nomenclature and these rings were then categorized roughly as: Galaxy rings like: Aadita Diamond Ring & Kaitlyn – these resemble the infinity of the galaxy; the antique cocktail rings like: Olexa & Ileana because of their really vintage type appearance; the pearl cocktail rings like the Sea Flower Mauve Pearl Ring and the Pearls Of Paradise Rosaline Ring that have coloured pearls as their center stone and rings or petals of star diamonds; the floral cocktail rings like Gossip Girl, Perfect Bloom, Blossoming Tendril & Crowning Glory that have been conceptualized around the chrysanthemum or dahlia flowers; the finger armour rings that occupy the area from base to knuckle and wrap around the finger like: Ardath, Saloni, Trellis, Akanksha; large gemstone rings like Ash, Chayana, Adrija, Simi, Gelsey & Halle and so on.

Gold Cocktail Rings

Gold and diamond Cocktail rings are priced on a scale of about 40000 to 1.4 lakhs, as they use a lot of gold and diamonds and precious stones too.

Rs. 135,732 Rs. 130,996

Style No C009731

Rs. 73,445 Rs. 68,162

Style No C008650

Rs. 39,623 Rs. 36,283

Style No C001131

Rs. 165,701 Rs. 160,843

Style No C009512

Rs. 79,506 Rs. 75,316

Style No C008651

Rs. 55,777 Rs. 53,045

Style No C001061

Rs. 74,058 Rs. 69,990

Style No C008645

Rs. 72,512 Rs. 68,322

Style No C008901

Rs. 52,483 Rs. 49,326

Style No C001094

Rs. 105,844 Rs. 101,047

Style No C008647

Rs. 109,490 Rs. 106,636

Style No C004937

Rs. 37,979 Rs. 35,550

Style No C002723

Rs. 90,719 Rs. 88,381

Style No C001116

Rs. 50,477 Rs. 47,562

Style No C007167

Rs. 113,402 Rs. 109,577

Style No C011297

Rs. 38,392 Rs. 34,931

Style No C011751