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Gemstone Pendants

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Gemstone Pendants

Colours add the much needed vibrancy to a dull & boring life; even if it is in jewellery. Gemstones are coloured precious stones, found, like diamonds, under the earth’s surface, in mines. They are composed of chemicals, minerals and matter found in earth. By just adding one single coloured stone to a dainty pendant, the look changes completely. Big or small, precious or semi-precious, oval or round, gemstones never fail to create the visual appeal needed to pull people towards buying them. Ranging from the tiniest simple daily wear pendants, to slightly heavier ones for festivals or even very heavy, elaborate ones for weddings and important functions, this collection has it all.

Gemstone Pendants India

The craze of gemstones for their astrological significance is not uncommon in India. People here have strong beliefs in gemstones and their powers and influence on their lives. But then, gems also have an ornamental importance and a significant place as wedding and related jewellery.

Most of the pendants in this collection are religious pendants, ie small pendants with just one or very few tiny gems. But there are pearl pendants that have diamonds studded on them also, that look very beautiful; so much that you will love to buy a few pearl pendants as gift for a loved one. Gemstones definitely change the whole appeal and presentation of diamond studded pendants without much efforts.

Gemstone Pendants At EMI

One may worry about budgets, costs and pricing while buying luxury jewellery online. That’s where we offer the EMI plan and pay option that saves the day for you. Once you have selected and finalized your design on Candere, simply make a booking payment of any amount you choose and then continue to pay the remaining amount over a period of a few months. The booking amount is a part of your total order value, so you are never paying a penny above the total price of the jewellery. There is no extra cost involved in the form of interests. This way, you protect your price too.

Certified Gemstone Pendants

You can expect authentic and only certified gemstone and diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped by IGI, GIA and BIS Hallmarking with complete trust on your online jewellery. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Rs. 24,823 Rs. 22,961

Style No C006701

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Style No C007063

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Style No C010325

Rs. 20,540 Rs. 18,678

Style No C012188

Rs. 19,468 Rs. 17,464

Style No C010380

Rs. 12,040

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Rs. 7,243

Style No C007153

Rs. 12,448

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Rs. 12,233

Style No C007057

Rs. 12,814

Style No C007051

Rs. 10,879

Style No C007061

Rs. 12,448

Style No C007165

Rs. 12,834

Style No C007145

Rs. 12,814

Style No C007155