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Gold Heavy Chains for men

(28 Items)
Jaison Gold Chain
Rs. 523,038

Offer Price: Rs. 448,848 (50% Making Off)

Euphoria Gold Chain
Rs. 309,187

Offer Price: Rs. 265,331 (50% Making Off)

Double Loop Nivara Gold Chain
Rs. 274,558

Offer Price: Rs. 231,719 (55% Making Off)

Our Pick
Mathew Bagal Dana...
Rs. 172,461

Offer Price: Rs. 147,999 (50% Making Off)

Sonia Gold Chain
Rs. 84,492

Offer Price: Rs. 70,978 (50% Making Off)

Sammy Gold Chain
Rs. 419,493

Offer Price: Rs. 359,990 (50% Making Off)

Russel Gold Chain
Rs. 306,980

Offer Price: Rs. 263,437 (50% Making Off)

Casanova Gold Chain
Rs. 267,797

Offer Price: Rs. 229,812 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Figaro Curb Nivar...
Rs. 162,803

Offer Price: Rs. 137,401 (55% Making Off)

Darrell Gold Chain
Rs. 84,554

Offer Price: Rs. 71,031 (50% Making Off)

Abdon Gold Chain
Rs. 391,900

Offer Price: Rs. 336,310 (50% Making Off)

Ambrose Gold Chain
Rs. 306,980

Offer Price: Rs. 263,437 (50% Making Off)

Emperor Gold Chain
Rs. 267,797

Offer Price: Rs. 229,812 (50% Making Off)

William Gold Chain
Rs. 143,142

Offer Price: Rs. 122,838 (50% Making Off)

Marlene Gold Chain
Rs. 131,071

Offer Price: Rs. 112,479 (50% Making Off)

Malcom Gold Chain
Rs. 476,129

Offer Price: Rs. 408,593 (50% Making Off)


If you fulfil your dream just once, you will continue to do so; not minding the obstacles in your path. You would be empowered to sustain your dreams too, after achieving them. And in doing so, you will always encourage others to achieve their dreams too. You will be the one who will always motivate others and people will look up to you thus. Gold empowers the wearer to achieve their dreams and also attain a good health physically and mentally.

Gold Heavy Chain

Your dreams to buy gold will always be fulfilled, no matter what. A gold chain for women is always an asset that you possess. Thick gold chains are the most reliable because they have the best buyback value on the metal involved. Jewellery looks so garish and elegant on the wearer, it takes people’s attention off anything else on your persona. It makes a person look very presentable and throws light on their natural beauty or positive features. Gold jewellery whether small or big, adds charm to one’s personality, no doubt. Choosing the jewellery that you want to wear on a certain occasion becomes quite a task and challenging. Thanks to the aggressive competition amongst jewellers there is always a plethora of options to choose from.

Heavy Gold Chain Designs

These are some of the best designs in heavy gold chains for men jewellery category: Roosevelt Gold Chain; Highway Gold Chain; Kamal Gold Chain; Santiago Gold Chain; Cleo Gold Chain; the thickest design in William Gold Chain; Parker Gold Chain and Drew Gold Chain.

Gold Heavy Chain Price

Buying a gold chain is the best form of investment! At Candere, one can select the length and the thickness of the gold chain too. Heavy gold chains for men cost anywhere between 22,000 & 81,000 on Candere’s e-store. Candere gives you the opportunity of buying gold chains online directly from your smart phone screens. You would love to explore these collections: daily wear dynamic and heavy armour gold chains ranging between 15,000 to 81,000 INR.