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10 Gram Gold Chain Design For Men

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10-gram Gold Chain for Men- A Touch of Class

From the Mesopotamians to the Egyptians, jewellery has always symbolized power, wealth, and status down the ages. Used mostly for ornamental purposes, it is also a part of creative expression that differ from culture to culture in terms of importance and relevance. 

Be it an engagement, marriage, or any auspicious occasion to celebrate, yellow gold is the most preferred and majestic precious metal option in Indian culture and tradition due to its widespread availability and timeless appeal. 

The high shine and high value of yellow gold with its natural hue have a mesmerizing effect that complements the personality of the wearer, irrespective of age or occasion. Since 24-karat gold is too soft to be crafted into jewellery, pure gold is usually mixed with other metals like copper and silver to make them more durable. 

No wonder modern-day gold jewellery is made of 14-karat gold and typically represents a combination of metals that have a rich appearance. Although gold ornaments have been enhancing the beauty of women, men’s jewellery has its own charm too. Among the noteworthy ornaments like rings and bracelets that make it to the accessory collection for men, the gold chain is also notable. 

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Gold Chain- Styling Tips

The diverse colour palette of gold makes it more appealing to the present generation. While a yellow gold chain is a lifelong investment that can be worn with a wide range of outfits, there are variations in design to uplift your daily wear wardrobe. 

Gold chains come in all shapes, lengths, and elegant design styles. Whether worn solo, layered with other chains, or accented with a charm, their different textures and thickness create a visually attractive look. 

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You can even proudly display your faith by adding a religious pendant to step up the style of your favourite chain. Pairing up a gold chain with a matching gold bracelet or accent pieces like a small stud earring can attract instant attention in any social gathering. 

If you want something lightweight and elegant, get a 10 gram gold chain for men, surf through our website and order as per your preferences and budget. Experimenting with the length of a chain that works best for you can also be a way to make all the difference to your overall look.

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Take Your Pick from Different Styles of Gold Chains

The uniqueness of a 10-gram gold chain lies in the diversity of its styles. Among the different model varieties to choose from, some have a more vintage vibe, some have a modern appearance and others have a textural design to suit different moods and personalities of men. 

  • The minimalistic design of a solid gold box chain consists of dainty and square links that lend them a boxy look and feel. The broader models are more common among the most fashionable men. 
  • Polished to perfection, the gold snake chain is more flexible of all. It is made of closely fitted small rings that give them a sleek appearance. You can team up a snake chain with a casual t-shirt and denim to make a fashionable style statement on a summer day outing or coffee date with friends. 
  • A cable chain is the most durable and easy to maintain. They comprise a series of inter-connected uniform oval links. Mostly used without a pendant, this kind of chain can be used without a pendant which makes it one of the most popular choices for men. 
  • Made with interconnected hooks, the classic curb gold chain has always been a premier choice for men who would like to add a complementary focal point to their weekend as well as work outfits. They are chunky and ideal for heavy and big-sized gold pendants. 
  • Originating from Italy, the Figaro gold chain is a unisex chain necklace formed by smooth hooks of different sizes that are placed alternately to uplift any formal or semi-formal wear. 
  • For those who are looking for something extra quirky, a wheat gold chain is a perfect pick that has a semi-rigid structure. It can be worn with a stylish pendant to refresh your look for a special evening. 
  • Comprising numerous flat thin segments, the Herringbone chain is ideal for any time with its contemporary design. The distinct characteristic of a Mariner chain that resembles an actual ship anchor puts the spotlight back on you. 
  • The Singapore chain has a twisted and braided structure that makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear as an everyday staple. Thus it is essential to understand the complexity and brilliance of each of the gold chain designs before deciding to choose one for yourself or give it as a gift to celebrate an important moment in your life. 

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Shop for the One-Of-A-Kind Chain Necklace

Candere offers a wide collection of 10 gram gold chains for men that pair seamlessly with any look or style. Just browse through the wide collection of 10 gram gold chain design for men and women online or stop by in-store to buy the perfect chain necklace. Explore the 10 gram gold chain designs with prices online to choose what you like the most. You’re sure to be amazed and inspired by the collection and flexible payment options attached to every purchase of your gold chain that will make your day.

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Get 10-gram Gold Chain for Men with DGRP

There is a wide palette of designs and patterns for the discerning consumer. Candere allows its customers to avail of the DGRP plan when investing in gold products. The Double Gold Rate Protection is a plan that enables buyers to pay only 10% of the purchase price at the time of checkout, and the remaining can be paid in installments over a period of 31 days.

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How can I be sure that the gold is pure?

Candere gold chains come with a BIS hallmark. Thus, you can be assured that the jewellery is 100% genuine. You can, however, choose the carat for 10 gram gold chain or according to your preference.

Which gold is best for chains?

You can go for a more durable and long-lasting option like an 18 ct or 14 ct solid gold chain. The 14 ct chain is pretty strong and can hold well as regular wear.