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Daily Wear Gold Bangles

Bangles are almost a jewelry staple that most women wear, after of before their marriage; even young girls wear gold bangles on certain occasions, presented by their elders. Since ancient times, women have been fond of bangles and wrist adornments, but then those were made from different materials, not necessarily gold or precious metal. They would make these accessories themselves, from whatever was available around them in the nature: leaves, petals, stems, twigs, ropes or even small pebbles. These materials were used to make additional adornments that women as well as men wore around their neck, ears, waist, legs, wrists and arms. Since man discovered gold, all of these ornamental accessories began to be cast in pure gold – today known as 22K gold – gradually developing over the years in styling, designing and carving.

Daily Wear Gold Bangles Designs

Depending on the need and requirement, a jewellery designer today may visualize and sketch designs based on different aspects like old ancient carvings in the caves, temple architecture or designs, the typical carvings found in old precious palaces or ruins, or make minimal contemporary type of designs that are not hollow or solid but have several gaps in between to leave space and reduce weight. Modern fashionistas and contemporary thinkers like to keep everything simple, down-to-earth and non-complicated.

Daily Wear Gold Bangle Designs With Price

Some plain and thin, some crafted designs with thick width, all types of gold bangles from this collection are priced between 26000 to 1.6 lakhs. And if you find it challenging to buy expensive Gold Bangles for everyday wear at higher prices, ask for our EMI option, such as you save money yet buy the jewellery you desire.



Rs. 29,223

Style No GB00083

Rs. 43,888

Style No GB00013

Rs. 40,267

Style No GB00091

Rs. 40,267

Style No GB00093

Rs. 53,032

Style No GB00025

Rs. 41,146

Style No GB00089

Rs. 47,546

Style No GB00037

Rs. 45,790

Style No GB00157

Rs. 47,582

Style No GB00161

Rs. 45,717

Style No GB00019

Rs. 41,328

Style No GB00015

Rs. 32,075

Style No GB00065

Rs. 43,157

Style No GB00163

Rs. 44,035

Style No GB00165

Rs. 45,790

Style No GB00167