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Gold Festive Bangles

(42 Items)
Agrata Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 50,395

Offer Price: Rs. 41,920 (55% Making Off)

Aindrila Kyra Gold Bangle
Rs. 52,012

Offer Price: Rs. 43,265 (55% Making Off)

Sarada Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 53,224

Offer Price: Rs. 44,274 (55% Making Off)

Swarnalata Kyra Gold Bangle
Rs. 58,479

Offer Price: Rs. 48,645 (55% Making Off)

Srijani Kyra Gold...
Rs. 58,546

Offer Price: Rs. 48,700 (55% Making Off)

Prerana Gold Bangle
Rs. 63,128

Offer Price: Rs. 52,511 (55% Making Off)

Ravina Gold Bangle
Rs. 75,033

Offer Price: Rs. 62,860 (55% Making Off)

Shashikala Kyra Gold Bangle
Rs. 79,279

Offer Price: Rs. 66,416 (55% Making Off)

Rushya Gold Bangle
Rs. 81,402

Offer Price: Rs. 68,195 (55% Making Off)

Sukriti Gold Bangle
Rs. 83,392

Offer Price: Rs. 69,862 (55% Making Off)

Purnima Gold Bangle
Rs. 83,592

Offer Price: Rs. 70,030 (55% Making Off)

Swatika Gold Bangle
Rs. 96,064

Offer Price: Rs. 80,478 (55% Making Off)

Aklima Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 98,306

Offer Price: Rs. 82,678 (55% Making Off)

Chadini Gold Bangle
Rs. 101,437

Offer Price: Rs. 84,980 (55% Making Off)

Swarnali Gold Bangle
Rs. 101,769

Offer Price: Rs. 85,258 (55% Making Off)

Aachal Gold Bangle
Rs. 104,688

Offer Price: Rs. 87,703 (55% Making Off)


Designer Gold Bangles

No festivities are called complete or attractive without some glitter and shining; in other words, something to look forward to. Since the dawn of the ‘designer’ age, everything that we wear or do has to be designer. Designer means, conceptualized, well thought out, brainstormed, designed out of one’s original thought process, the best of your creativity that takes the shape of an object, that materializes into something tangible and useable or wearable. The knowledge or awareness of how your gold bangles or gold jewelry is actually manufactured will humble you and incite you to look at your gold jewellery from a different perspective. It is beyond hardwork and dedication, it is about taking risks, being focused and getting the best out of a handful of raw materials, moulding it into something that will be valued forever! Interestingly, as the era of diamonds is progressing at rapid speeds, gold jewelry is not left behind in the race at all. Designer Gold bangles is a choice for anniversary, wedding and birthday gifts even today.

Buy Gold Bangles Online

Buying gold bangles online enables you to not just surf through designs at leisure, but also get best deals, very good prices, certified jewellery and hallmarked gold bangles only. It ensures you save not just time, but also money, still not compromise on the quality ever! Festive or designer gold bangles add charm and appeal to all festivities that are an important part of life. Some of these are handmade gold bangles while some are made in machines – the more intricate and detailed designs are made by hand and then welded. The simpler designs are cast in machines and also cut by machines; some designs are made by laser cutting technology.