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Wearing a gold chain around your neck is a mark of status and prosperity. What stands by our side during adversity are precious metals and precious stones. Precious metals in the form of real gold, silver, platinum and precious stones in the form of gemstones & diamonds. They are always something what you can rely on. Not just with the purpose of flashing one’s wealth status, but also dependable when an adversity arises. The interesting aspect is that jewellery - whether in gold or diamonds - comes with constantly changing trends. Almost every day one would notice this change of trends with respect to many factors like choices, designs, prices, thickness or density of chains or similar fundamentals. What triggers these factors majorly is the economy and market and most importantly, the performance of gold and diamond prices on international scales.


            Chain is a versatile ornament that goes well with occasions and non-occasional wear too. Our range of designs with competent pricing on the daily wear assortment - which is also recognized as the work wear gold chain for women - is suited as per feminine tastes. This collection is priced between INR 12,000 & 76,000. Women would love to wear to work any one of these gold chains: Dristi Gold Chain, Gianna Gold Chain, Lucian Gold Chain & Susanne Gold Chain - all within affordable price range for the working woman.


These are some designs on daily wear gold chains for women during festive days: Ruben Gold Chain, Myrna Gold Chain, Skype Gold Chain and Juliet Gold Chain. If you are the woman who likes thick gold chains, with shorter length to flaunt on your neck, then these must be yours: Lucera Gold Chain, Indrakshi Gold Chain, Round Box Gold Chain, Parker Gold Chain & Florian Gold Chain - all with beautiful yet robust carvings on them.


The Hannah Gold Chain is best suited for special occasions, albeit under daily wear as it is a beautiful long gold chain that will grab attention for sure. What’s best about this collection is that the length of these gold chains can be altered as per likes and choices. Also, the making charges are quite competitive along with having the liberty of an EMI payment option.


Candere provides the opportunity to gold lovers in the form of comfort of buying gold chains online - either for self or for gifting purposes - directly on their iPad or smart phone screens. As such, you would love to explore these collections too: Italian gold chains; modern gold chains and royal gold chains ranging between < 10,000 to > 80,000 INR.

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