Gold Dailywear Chains

Gold Dailywear Chains

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Thrift Gold Chain
Rs. 17,345

Offer Price: Rs. 14,173 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Kamal Gold Chain
Rs. 50,048

Offer Price: Rs. 42,996 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Avery Gold Chain
Rs. 26,513

Offer Price: Rs. 21,664 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Lucian Gold Chain
Rs. 28,433

Offer Price: Rs. 23,233 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

The Yellow Road Gold Chain
Rs. 108,140

Offer Price: Rs. 89,305 (60% Making off on Gold Jewellery)

Marcia Gold Chain
Rs. 59,825

Offer Price: Rs. 51,396 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Ruben Gold Chain
Rs. 21,991

Offer Price: Rs. 17,968 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Round Box Gold Chain
Rs. 43,614

Offer Price: Rs. 38,028 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Charming Gold Chain
Rs. 7,000

Style No K000484

Baina Gold Chain
Rs. 9,151

Style No K000490

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Abena Gold Chain
Rs. 11,115

Style No K000493

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Grace Gold Chain
Rs. 77,059

Offer Price: Rs. 64,757

Frail Trail Gold ...
Rs. 31,588

Offer Price: Rs. 26,512 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Myrna Gold Chain
Rs. 103,218

Offer Price: Rs. 85,242 (60% Making off on Gold Jewellery)

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Roya Gold Chain
Rs. 8,125

Style No K000478

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Darcey Gold Chain
Rs. 77,867

Offer Price: Rs. 63,627 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)


Gold has always been the choice of metal for daily wear not only because the metal is non-reactive but also because it is said to benefit the health in a bunch of ways – improve blood circulation, regulate body temperature, de-stress and uplift mood, and many more.

Daily wear gold chains are said to be an example of fine craftsmanship. And it actually is. The gold chain is a classy piece of light jewellery that you can see men, as well as women, wear.

Browse through our collection of women’s gold chain and checkout with the one that suits your style.

Daily Wear Gold Chains Designs

Even though the topic of gold chains may be a bit boring or monotonous, it is but important for buyers to have little knowledge before buying them online or even approaching your local jewellers to buy one. There are several types that one may be already aware of, but let’s understand a bit more about this unisex jewellery staple. People across all religions, caste, creed, country or race have this humble gold jewellery as their staple ornament. It is humble because without any apprehensions, it simply fits in with any type of outfit one wears and is your constant companion that sees you through thick and thin. Because it is made entirely of gold, it is a bit heavier in weight as compared to any other.

Daily Wear Gold Chains

Fashion is always intriguing yet contagious: someone does something differently, there is a faux pass or a mistake, there is damage – and the next thing you know, it becomes a fashion statement. In the world of fast changing and quickly evolving fashion, there is no scope for mistake; in fact, there is no concept as mistake or error. A tear in the jeans or a fade of the shirt, non-uniformity of design or length, or wearing a piece of apparel or jewellery in a different way, on a different area of the body suddenly becomes a fashion frenzy and before you realize, it flies in and out of the fashion window. In the olden days, jewellery was taken out of the closet on very limited occasions – in middle class households – it was a thing of luxury, an item of reward, a commodity of investment. But these days, you can see practically every person wearing at least one part of gold ornament – even if in 18K or 9K. Over the years, some gold ornaments became staple wear like gold chainsgold ringsgold earrings in women or gold studs for men; even gold nosepins – before diamonds came into the picture.

Simple Daily Wear Gold Chains

Gold chains have been made increasingly popular by several celebrities, artists, and famous people from the fashion, cinema, television and film industry in India and abroad too. Owing to which, people had begun chasing fashionable gold chains big time; being not too complicated in design and craftsmanship, some made by hand and some by machines, the gold chains soon became a necessary evil. Pendants and even some rings are strung on gold chains, making them a necessary fashion accessory. Interestingly, in the olden times and in some areas even today, a person’s wealth status is assessed by the thickness and number of gold chains they wear. In some cultures, a simple gold chain is also a compulsory jewellery gift exchanged by parties of both the sides; it is mandatory to purchase a handful of gold chains for the blood relations of the bride and the groom. Despite the fact that they are very simple, plain gold chains to be worn around the neck are known by their styling and their type.

People who love to keep their jewellery light prefer wearing light-weighted jewellery even on days when they have to dress up. We have a couple of chains which come with gemstones and multiple chains and can be worn with ethnic wear to parties.

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers is the online concern of Kalyan Jewellers. The daily wear Gold Chains you see here belongs either to Nivara Colelction or Sankalp Collection respectively. Kalyan Jewellers daily wear chain start as low as Rs. 14,100 (approx.) only.

While you are at it, feel free to browse through the multiple Kalyan Jewellers wedding collections listed with us (Vedha, Nimah Collection, Mudhra Collection, Rang, Sankalp, Nivara).

You may also check the diamond jewellery by Kalyan Jewellers from their premium diamond collections - Glo Collection,Ziah Collection and Laya Collection. You will find diamond ringsdiamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bangles, diamond necklaces and diamond kadas here.

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