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Gold Bangle

Bangles are a jewellery style that is the most deeply associated with Indian traditions and culture for women, even extending to young girls who wear gold bangles on certain occasions or presented by their elders. Since ancient times, women have been fond of bangles and wrist adornments, but those were made from different materials, not necessarily gold or precious metal. They would make these accessories themselves, from whatever was available around them in nature: leaves, petals, stems, twigs, ropes or even small pebbles. These materials were used to make additional adornments that women and men wore around their neck, ears, waist, legs, wrists, and arms. At Candere, we understand the importance, value and beauty of 22K gold bangles and how trends have changed over the years. So, our collection of casual daily wear gold bangle designs let you keep up with the latest trends while staying in touch with your cultural roots. You can also explore our solitaire bracelet, gold bracelets for men, mangalsutra bracelet, cuff bracelet, charm bracelet, & kids bracelets.

Daily Wear Gold Bangle Designs with Price

Depending on your need and the latest trends, we have curated a daily wear gold bangle design catalogue. These include multiple designs, such as ancient cave carvings, and designs inspired from temple architecture and old palaces or ruins. You can also get immense variety in designs, such as minimal contemporary casual daily wear gold bangledesigns that are not hollow or solid but have several gaps in between to leave space and reduce weight. Modern fashionistas and contemporary thinkers like to keep theirdaily wear modern gold bangles designsimple, down-to-earth and non-complicated. Daily wear gold bangles design at Candere starts from Rs. 25000. Explore our bracelets, gold bracelets for women, diamond bracelets, stone bracelets, platinum bracelets & bracelets kada.

Daily Wear Gold Bangles with Weight

Candere has an amazingdaily wear goldbangle design cataloguecatering to all segments. The daily wear gold bangles design collection hasweight and price listed for easy comparison and purchase.Most of the jewellery in the daily wear gold bangle design catalogue is made from 22K yellow gold. However, we also have daily wear modern gold bangles design options made from different shades of gold to give a contemporary look. You can compare and choose your favourite casual daily wear gold bangle from Candere’s vast collection. Also explore our Bangles, Gold Bangles, Diamond Bangles, Traditional Bangles & Daily Wear Bangles suitable for all occasions and moods. 

Convenient Online shopping

Candere has a large extensive online collection of daily wear gold bangles design to choose from. Shopping online allows you to browse and compare many styles from the daily wear gold bangle design cataloguein one convenient location from anywhere, anytime. In only a few minutes, you may see and pick the best casual daily wear gold bangle design. Shopping online becomes a breeze when you have a variety of safe and secure payment alternatives to choose from. Candere accepts part payments in addition to traditional payment options including Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Cash on Delivery. The instalment option allows you to divide the cost of your casual daily wear gold bangle or any other jewellery piece from our Candere online store over a few months. 

Take Benefit of the DGRP Plan

Candere provides the DGRP (Double Gold Rate Protection) plan to assist you when buying jewellery without worrying about gold rates fluctuations. You can book your jewellery under the DGRP plan by paying a token fee of 10% of the bill amount on the day of the booking. Then you may pay for your jewellery in convenient monthly instalments without having to worry about the rising gold price. The gold price on the day you booked the jewellery will be used to calculate your cost. Even if the price of gold rises, your investment remains secure. And if the gold rates fall, you can easily change your plan to get your jewellery at that reduced rate!

Furthermore, your monthly instalments are based on the gold rate on the day of your booking. An instalment plan of 2-6 months is offered for gold jewellery, while you can get your diamond jewellery with plans of 2-12 months. The DGRP plan is also safe and easy, with no processing fees and no interest rate. So, get your daily wear bangles from Candere and enjoy the many benefits to your heart’s content!


How many bangles should I wear daily?

That depends on personal preference, most women wear around 2 - 4 Bangles daily. 

What are the different types of gold daily wear bangles?

Solid Cylinder Bangles, Split Bangles, and Cuff Bangles are popular choices for wearing daily.