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Gold Maang Tikka

(14 Items)
Zyanna Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 67,629

Offer Price: Rs. 54,727 (55% Making Off)

Dimisha Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 68,765

Offer Price: Rs. 55,565 (55% Making Off)

Yachana Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 71,195

Offer Price: Rs. 57,315 (55% Making Off)

Deivani Mudhra Go...
Rs. 71,380

Offer Price: Rs. 57,430 (55% Making Off)

Kasiga Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka
Rs. 165,790

Offer Price: Rs. 133,924 (55% Making Off)

Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 156,389

Offer Price: Rs. 125,642 (55% Making Off)

Anjna Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 92,378

Offer Price: Rs. 74,873 (55% Making Off)

Vaarida Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 89,527

Offer Price: Rs. 72,404 (55% Making Off)

Udichi Mudhra Gol...
Rs. 70,093

Offer Price: Rs. 56,709 (55% Making Off)

Ubika Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 166,482

Offer Price: Rs. 135,197 (55% Making Off)

Devki Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 81,924

Offer Price: Rs. 66,459 (55% Making Off)

Aida Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 87,656

Offer Price: Rs. 70,873 (55% Making Off)

Keyuri Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 101,942

Offer Price: Rs. 82,539 (55% Making Off)

Aarna Mudhra Gold Mang tikka
Rs. 71,645

Offer Price: Rs. 57,652 (55% Making Off)


Every woman has dreamed of looking her best self on her wedding. In the quest to look exactly the way you imagined, here are a set of handpicked gold maang tikka for your wedding day! You can also wear any of these to your closed one’s wedding or a party where the dress code is ‘ethnic’.

Gold Maang Tikka Designs

The gold maang tikka listed above include both simple designs as well as headgear type design. The simple designs include Dimisha, Udichi, Yachana, etc. The latter designs are Raadhi, Kasiga and Ubika. All the maang tikka designs are made exclusively in 22k yellow gold with the gemstones set in bezel setting.

All the maang tika listed here belong to one of Kalyan Jewellers wedding collection - Mudhra. This collection boats of handcrafted wedding jewellery with an antique finish. Besides gold maang tikka, the collection also has necklaces, bangles, naths and earrings. You can shop your wedding look completely from this collection.

Gold Maang Tikka Online

Each and every gold maang tikka manufactured and sold here is hallmarked by BIS. All gemstone and diamond jewellery is certified gemstone laboratories like CGL, SGL and IGI. The marking is also accompanied by a genuine certificate of hallmarking, which guarantees many years of service as well as an invoice for the purchase.

Gold Maang Tikka Price

Gold maang tikka online at Candere starts at a competitive price of only Rs. 42,761 (approx.) with Zyana Mudhra gold maang tikka. All the gold maang tikka are available on EMI to keep your budget in place. Moreover, you can also go ahead and get all the jewellery in your cart certified at a very nominal charge at check out.

You may shop these with a debit card, credit card, bank transfer, cheque deposit, PayPal, etc. Shopping at Candere also opens you up to many benefits like free shipping in India, easy return, a huge catalogue, international shipping and more!