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Nose Rings at Candere - Designs that pamper you on your special promotion

Diamonds are the most precious gemstones in the world. And it is a well-known fact that even though they are the hardest material known to man, they are also known to soften hearts and melt away anger. Just the sight of them is enough to provoke out-of-the-earth reactions from women! Add to that, the beauty of the nose that wears these amazing studs....the look can be described as nothing short of ‘seductive’. So, get these nose rings in your desired designs and styles and pamper yourself on your birthday or for that special promotion. You may also accidentally let your friends know about your favourite nose rings from Candere and get surprised on special occasions! Also explore our Nose Pin, diamond nose pins, nose ring & solitaire nose pins.

Nose Ring Designs in Gold for Female

If you are the drama queen, love to throw tantrums to get your things done, Candere reckons the Toriana Diamond Nose Pin for you, and to team it up, we have the Enya Diamond Nosering – exclusively for the drama queen. Toriana is studded with 7 dramatic 0.07ct diamonds, in a perfect rounded alignment embedded within the most beautiful metal on earth. Nothing can be as enticing as this diamond nose ring, we can bet on that. To enhance the drama quotient, you might as well have the Lynnet Diamond Earrings – just for more fun with the drama thing on certain occasions. You will rock with our flashy diamonds…why, because diamond is the most precious rock! As tough as a rock from inside, as riveting as your gooey chocolate from outside! Toughness is a mandatory quality for diamond, for it to last as long as you desire on your nose! After all, we make lifelong promises! Also explore our gemstone nose pins, diamond nose pin under 5000, white gold nose ring.

Gold Nose Rings

Accompanying the stunning rocks on these diamond nose rings is the best quality gold. So, when you buy any nose rings, you can choose from yellow or white gold depending on your mood. You can also choose between 14K or 18k gold in some, making these even easier on your pocket! Also explore our bridal nose rings, marathi nose pin, round nose pin design & nose pin for girls.

Latest Diamond Nose Rings Designs

If you are someone who wears subtlety, you would adore the Barbi Diamond Nose Pin studded with 8 perfectly rounded diamonds. You cannot miss wearing this one to your official and social get together parties. With incredible options at affordable price options, the jewellery for all your casual and traditional get-togethers in the future is decided! Also explore our Platinum Jewellery, Platinum Bracelets, Platinum Pendants, Platinum Earrings, Platinum Chains & Platinum Rings. 

Gold Nose Ring Prices

The Diamond Nose Rings fall within an affordable, yet superior price range starting from just INR 7,500. With the cheapest options available for such affordable pricing, the most exquisite Toriana style values at less than INR 13,500. With such affordable options, you cannot resist buying at least one nosering for yourself now, can you? Also explore our small nose pin, black nose pin, single diamond nose pin design & maharashtrian nose pin.

Nose Rings Online on EMI with DGRP

One of the most tiring parts about buying jewellery from stores is the need to visit the store to have a look at their collection. However, with Candere, you can easily sit at home and get your favourite noserings delivered right to you! Furthermore, on top of unbelievably low prices, the DGRP plan further helps you to ensure that you get the best possible price on the internet. Not only do you get to pay in 2-12 months instalment options with zero processing fees or interest rate, but you also get the choice of availing the lesser gold rate if they fall after you have made your purchase. So, you no longer need to regret when gold prices fall after that expensive purchase since DGRP has you covered! Also explore our 18k nose pins, nose pin 22k gold, bridal nose pin, big nose pin & white gold nose pin.