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Online Jewellery Shopping Trends

The world is going online, and so is jewellery. Shopping for ornaments online has become very common these days. You will find a list of accessory designs to match your style and aesthetic. The most significant advantage of getting your ornaments online is the wide choice you get to expand your collection of precious accessory items.  Seeing all designs in one place makes it easier to pick and choose. Besides, there are also additional benefits of ordering accessories online, like secure and free shipping to your home, flexibility to pay as per your convenience, gift wrap, pay via DGRP, etc. Check out some top-notch ornaments online options available for you.

Why Should I Buy Jewellery Online?

The accessories on Candere are a riot of a never-ending catalog of products. Use the filter to find your perfect jewellery piece or narrow down your options. The most common type of filter people apply while selecting online ornaments is the product type.  Sort your accessory preference based on rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, nose pins, bands, cufflinks, mangalsutra, bangles, bracelets, etc. You can also filter the accessory online you wish to buy based on occasions like daily wear, casual outings, wedding, anniversary, gifting, festive, etc.  Also, explore Candere’s Diamond Bangles, Kurta Button, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Cufflinks, Diamond Mangalsutras, Diamond Nose Pins, Diamond Studs and other fantastic options in lightweight jewellery. 

Buying Lightweight Jewellery Online

Since ornaments have become a daily affair nowadays, people have shifted towards lightweight or dainty accessories. Ornaments under two grams are considered fairly lightweight. Head over to the weight range section under more filters and select the weight of the accessory you would like to buy. You will find plenty of designs of rings, earrings, pendants, nose pins, bands, bracelets, chains, etc. 

You can buy a slide pendant, double loop pendant, hidden bail pendant, and pendant if you are searching for accessories to wear to the office daily. Buying gold ornaments from Candere is always a good idea because they are BIS-Hallmarked and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The gold jewellery on Candere’s website is a massive list of 2000+ items. You can filter this pool based on styling, which helps you to sort products into traditional, ethnic, classic, contemporary, designer wear, etc.  

Also, explore Rings, Pendants & Platinum Necklace in several jewellery designs online. You can surf and select jewellery based on designs, material, precious stones and other preferences enlisted on Candere website.

Explore Jewellery Designs Online

Getting your ornaments online opens you up to a bunch of designs. Are you planning to get a ring? Here are the available types of filters for rings - engagement, wedding, three-stone, cocktail, classic, solitaire, etc. Be it your engagement or your birthday; you can find accessories that match every occasion.  To make a grand entry at any event, buy your favorite piece of accessory from Candere. From earrings to bracelets, you will find everything under one roof. Accessorize yourself to enhance your beauty. You will find ornaments of different price ranges, and you can purchase the one that suits your budget. Also, explore Gold Rings, Gold Earrings, Men’s Gold Ring, and Men’s Gold Chain in several fesigns and styles that are all-encompassing and include several designs to suit your taste and style. Surf through the jewellery range online on Candere to find exquisite pieces of jewellery. 

Online Jewellery Designs 

The ornament collection at Candere is all-inclusive and bound to spoil you for choices. Being able to see all the designs with a tap makes it convenient for fashion enthusiasts to buy ornaments of their choice. These designs can be filtered to narrow down your search to a bunch of options so that it’s easier to shop for ornaments online.  Let’s say you want to buy a choker necklace to go with your lehenga for your cousin’s wedding. Scroll up to reach the filters and select the product type as ‘necklace.’ Once done, select the design type as ‘choker necklace .’Your page will be filtered to a handful of designs. Want to make your search more refined? Select the suitable metal weight or styling and search online. You can do the same with all types of products.  

Diamond Bridal Jewellery Shopping Online

Bridal ornaments are every bride's fantasy so that they look good on their big day. It is important to choose the right accessory as it can enhance the bridal outfit. You can choose a wedding ornament that compliments your wedding lehenga or wedding dress. Check out the bridal diamond ornaments of Candere available in various designs and styles that are sure to bring a smile to your face on the big day.  Shop diamond ornaments online from Candere and get your bridal accessory that is certified by the top gemstone labs. Candere has often seen enthusiasts wanting to buy unique diamond ornaments online and going for uncommon solitaire shapes like pear, emerald, oval, marquise, princess, etc. 

Are you planning your dream engagement? Candere has got you covered. Choose your solitaire from the various solitaire styles like an illusion, accent, halo, vintage, three stone, etc. You should also explore Jewellery Online, Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, White Gold Jewellery, Rose Gold Jewellery & Gemstone Jewellery in the latest trends and designs.

Online Jewellery Trends

The ornament price differs and depends on the product and designs you are buying. Ornaments are a must-have in every woman's collection as they enhance the outfit and make people turn heads wherever they go. They not only enhance the appearance but also show the person's societal status.  You can get loads of nose pins as well as kid’s earrings options without burning a hole in your pocket. Candere has recently added a bunch of kid's earrings in different bright and poppy shades to brighten up your munchkin’s day like never before!  

For wedding accessories online, Candere has Mudhra, Nimah, Anokhi, Rang, Vedha, etc. If you are looking for accessories online by Kalyan Jewellers that suffice your daily wear needs, check out Hera, Glo and Ziah collections respectively. These are diamond collections by Kalyan Jewellers that are designed to match your style. You can choose Candere’s best-selling ornaments online so you can go ahead and shop without worrying about picking the best one from the lot.  

Buy Jewellery Online 

Buying jewellery online from Candere opens you up not only to a good number of options but also flexible payment both online as well as offline. The payment methods available include Debit Cards, Credit Cards, NEFT, Cheque deposits, PayU, RuPay, and Cash On Delivery.  You can purchase a necklace of your choice from Candere, where you will find multiple designs online. Be it your anniversary or any other special event, make the day memorable by buying this accessory online.

Candere offers the DGRP (Double Gold Rate Protection) plan to let you buy jewellery without having to worry about fluctuating gold prices. By paying a token charge of the bill amount on the day of the booking, you may book your jewellery under the DGRP plan. The plan ensures that you don't have to worry about the growing gold price since you'll be able to pay for your jewellery in easy, monthly installments. Get your accessories online and take a break from traffic today!