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Gold Occasional Chains

(11 Items)
Sonia Gold Chain
Rs. 79,030

Offer Price: Rs. 65,516 (50% Making Off)

Darrell Gold Chain
Rs. 79,088

Offer Price: Rs. 65,565 (50% Making Off)

Alexander Gold Chain
Rs. 80,461

Offer Price: Rs. 66,703 (50% Making Off)

Skylar Gold Chain
Rs. 92,707

Offer Price: Rs. 76,856 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Aliyah Gold Chain
Rs. 102,207

Offer Price: Rs. 84,731 (50% Making Off)

Cleo Gold Chain
Rs. 106,717

Offer Price: Rs. 90,474 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Lucera Gold Chain
Rs. 133,011

Offer Price: Rs. 112,765 (50% Making Off)

William Gold Chain
Rs. 133,396

Offer Price: Rs. 113,092 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Indrakshi Gold Chain
Rs. 158,276

Offer Price: Rs. 134,185 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Parker Gold Chain
Rs. 159,047

Offer Price: Rs. 134,839 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Hannah Gold Chain
Rs. 176,983

Offer Price: Rs. 150,044


Occasional Gold Chains

This collection of chains are meant to be worn only on certain festivities or on occasions. Because of their thickness, weight and rich looks, and heavy craftsmanship, these are your occasional wear women’s gold chains. The collection has a variety of styles of chains. These ones are box chain, bead chain, C link chain, closed link chain, Cuban link chain, V chain, briolette chain, curb chain, snake chain and so on. These are usually machine made chains, where the interlinks, hooks, clasps everything is manufactured by the machines. All the parts of these chains are compact, and solid, hence they may be heavier in weight, which may vary from 13 gms to 20 gms; while their thickness may vary from 2.5mm to about 5 mm.

Gold Chain Designs

Some chains may be roundish and look rope like, while some may be flat looking. All these chains have a compact structure, interlinked densely by connectors or links. Some of the chain styling may resemble what you see on gold bracelets also.

Women Gold Chains

In India, it is customary to give gold chains in weddings as gifts exchanged by the bride and groom parties – in addition to what is gifted to the couple by their parents. Interestingly, as diverse as the cultures are in our country, the choices of gold jewellery also differ. In different regions, jewellers cater to the local communities and their preferences – gold chain is one jewellery commodity that is a staple wear and is heavily influenced by the traditional beliefs of the different communities. Hence, even though gold chains my look seemingly similar, the fineness of their designs is what distinguishes them.