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Classic Rings

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  1. Abelia Kyra Gold Ring Abelia Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹6,548.00 ₹7,177.00

    20% OFF on Making

  2. Vasudha Kyra Gold Ring Vasudha Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹6,851.00 ₹7,509.00

    20% OFF on Making

  3. shipFast
    Janan kyra Gold Ring Janan kyra Gold Ring
    ₹7,051.00 ₹7,729.00

    20% OFF on Making

  4. Bloom Kyra Gold Ring Bloom Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹7,102.00 ₹7,785.00

    20% OFF on Making

  5. Gulisa Kyra Gold Ring Gulisa Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹7,102.00 ₹7,785.00

    20% OFF on Making

  6. Jasleen Kyra Gold Ring Jasleen Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹7,656.00 ₹8,391.00

    20% OFF on Making

  7. Zella Kyra Gold Ring Zella Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹7,807.00 ₹8,558.00

    20% OFF on Making

  8. shipFast
    Zyanya Kyra Gold Ring Zyanya Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹7,908.00 ₹8,668.00

    20% OFF on Making

  9. Ucchal Kyra Gold Ring Ucchal Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹7,908.00 ₹8,668.00

    20% OFF on Making

  10. Plaid Kyra Gold Ring Plaid Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹8,160.00 ₹8,943.00

    20% OFF on Making

  11. Lovanna Kyra Gold Ring Lovanna Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹8,160.00 ₹8,943.00

    20% OFF on Making

  12. Sword leaf Kyra Gold Ring Sword leaf Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹8,311.00 ₹9,110.00

    20% OFF on Making

  13. Cindrella Gold Ring Cindrella Gold Ring
    ₹8,562.00 ₹9,385.00

    20% OFF on Making

  14. Mayuara Kyra Gold Ring Mayuara Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹8,663.00 ₹9,496.00

    20% OFF on Making

  15. Infiniti Hearts Gold Ring Infiniti Hearts Gold Ring
    ₹8,751.00 ₹9,498.00

    20% OFF on Making

  16. Mirah Kyra Gold Ring Mirah Kyra Gold Ring
    ₹8,714.00 ₹9,551.00

    20% OFF on Making

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Rings are the easiest type of jewellery that you can wear. They are easy to wear as well as easy to manage. They won’t get in your way of doing your daily chores yet make you look super fancy and trendy.

Classic Engagement Ring

The classic ring designs you see below has been placed because these designs will never make you look out of place irrespective of the place you are or the occasion you are wearing it to. The classic ring designs vary from simple daily wear designs to fancy festive wear ones. Feel free to gift any of these classic ring designs to your near and dear ones.

Scroll up and unveil 800+ classic ring designs for various fashion needs. These rings are available in gold, diamond, gemstone as well as platinum. Also explore our Classic Diamond Rings, Casual Rings, Eternity Rings, Promise Rings & Three Stone Rings.

Classic Gold Ring

The gold rings you see below starts as low as Rs. 5,265 with Infiniti Hearts gold ring because gold is the most common and preferred metal in jewellery. You will find quite interesting classic ring designs below with two-tone gold colour as well as multiple gold colors in one ring. These are rings for women in gold. There is a handful of men gold ring like daily wear bands as well as a ring.

Classic Engagement Ring Style

Here are some multicolored classic ring designs in gold for you to check out - The Three Tone Ring, The Braided Beauty Ring, The Serenity ring, etc. In these classic ring designs, you will find all three colors of Gold in one.

Classic Yellow Gold Rings Designs

Classic yellow gold rings are one of the simplest ways of adding glam to your daily look. These rings will always be a classic. That’s why you can always stock up on those and turn back to them when you are confused about your look. Also explore our Diamond Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Solitaire Rings, Stone Rings & Men’s Diamond Rings.

The classic ring designs that you see below can be bifurcated into solitaires, multi-stone, delicate, band, cocktail, threes tone, broad, eternity, etc. All these types of rings have their own charm. Explore all of them below.

Classic Platinum Rings

Platinum rings are one of the fanciest daily wear ring one can go for. You can also wear it as your wedding ring. Here are some simple platinum bands for similar occasions – Keshin, Prince, Orlando, Sakshi, Tanushree, etc. We also have diamond engagement rings in platinum to make your day more special. You may either go with a fancy design or a fancy cut solitaire for your ring.

Besides solitaires and bands, there are more classic ring designs like delicate, eternity and three stone.

Classic Gemstone Rings

The stone rings you saw above do have a classic design, don’t you think? The classic ring designs are suitable for all types of occasions like anniversary, festive, party, engagement, daily wear, wedding, office wear, etc. These classic ring designs with gemstones start as low as ~Rs. 10,242 only with Alana Red spinel ring.

Kalyan Jewellers Classic Rings

Candere is the online platform for Kalyan Jewellers where you can find their premium jewellery designs. Bluma, Rhitha, Marini, Daysi, Bryoni – these are some of the gold rings that are hands down traditional.

If you are looking for something more statement, check out the rings from Laya Collection – the rose gold edit. Also explore our Rings, Men's Ring, Men’s Gold Rings, Platinum & Couple Rings.

Buy Classic Rings Online

Classic ring designs are ample at Candere. Shopping them online here not only opens you up to these designs but also additional benefits like free engraving, free shipping in India, international shipping, easy return, size updates, etc. Also the benefit of paying through payment methods that suit yourself like the debit card, credit card, PayU, RuPay, etc.

You can also avail EMI and jewellery insurance on every classic ring designs that cross Rs. 10,000. There are two types of EMI here at Candere – Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Jewellery insurance can be done with a very minimal cost starting from Rs. 50 only.

Scroll up and get the best out of all the classic ring designs that you see above!