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Diamond Studs Earrings

Crypsis Butterfly Diamond Stud Earrings

Rs. 11,679 Rs. 10,044

Style No C013234

Ribbona Solitaire Diamond Earrings

Rs. 31,026 Rs. 26,682

Style No C013473

Sylvia Diamond Earrings

Rs. 19,067 Rs. 16,398

Style No C002601

Darts Solitaire Diamond Earrings

Rs. 33,116 Rs. 28,480

Style No C013475

Aroha Glo Diamond Earrings

Rs. 58,620 Rs. 50,413

Style No KC00231

Waffle Solitaire Diamond Earrings

Rs. 31,862 Rs. 27,401

Style No C013479

Inferno Solitaire Diamond Earrings

Rs. 36,002 Rs. 30,962

Style No C013477

Ribbons Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings

Rs. 29,897 Rs. 25,711

Style No C013461

Ruchita Diamond Earrings

Rs. 38,230 Rs. 32,878

Style No C003767

Celestial Solitaire Diamond Earrings

Rs. 38,492 Rs. 33,103

Style No C013471

Fortune Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings

Rs. 48,507 Rs. 41,716

Style No C013465

Calista Diamond Earrings

Rs. 16,523 Rs. 14,210

Style No C009619

Stella Diamond Earrings

Rs. 28,972 Rs. 24,916

Style No C006862

Ornit Diamond Earrings

Rs. 35,614 Rs. 30,628

Style No C010702

Jovie Diamond Earrings

Rs. 18,715 Rs. 16,095

Style No C009607

Mackenzie Diamond Earrings

Rs. 17,802 Rs. 15,310

Style No C005552

Diamond Studs Earrings

Studs in gold or diamond have a charming effect on women wearing them and they look gorgeous like an enchantress. Not necessary that to look gorgeous, one must wear loud jewellery, bold jewellery or even on your face designs. Even small studs work the same magic with diamonds, solitaires, plain gold or even pearls and other coloured stones.

Stunning studs, dazzling designs, magnificent collection, superb quality of diamonds this is what our diamond stud for mens & ladies collection talk of. If there is a price issue, we have EMI; if there is design issue, we have options; if you have a design, we realize it for you. We have practically left no stone unturned in giving the best to our diamond-loving patrons. 

Floral, petals, bold or petite, this collection encompasses different moods of diamond encrusted onto ear studs. Studs are earrings that occupy the lobe area of your ears and limit themselves to it. they do not have connectors or do not hang below your lobes.

A woman’s obsession with bling and jewellery will always compel her to have more and more and there’s no stopping a Diva woman who just loves to pamper herself. Today’s woman has realized the need to pamper herself and give herself the best that she can possibly give.

Diamond Studs Designs

Diamond stud designs come in all varieties from large, to smallest ones, but because of the sparkle of the stone, they cant be hidden even behind strands of hair. They look sophisticated in all three colours of gold - yellow, white and rose pink too. Some designs are pretty, while some are stunning; some studs are delicate while some are robust; some designs are fancy while some are minimalistic - to match up to the different moods of a woman.

The carat sizes for diamond studs design varies from a tiny 0.05 ct to 1 ct and above too! Wow! Solitaire styles vary from halo, illusion to vintage. Illusion too has different setting: smaller diamonds encircle a larger one, to give the look of a single solitaire, or a waved pattern of white gold around the single diamond gives the ‘appearance’ of a solitaire. Either ways, it’s a win-win situation, cause you get the look of a solitaire without spending a fortune.

Diamond Studs Price

Diamond studs are priced on Candere between 20,000 to a whopping 6 lakh for a pair of 2 ct bezel set solitaires surrounded by concentric circles of 0.54 ct prong set diamonds. Diamond jewellery above 15,000 is also available on EMI plan and purchase option.

Certified Diamond Studs

You can expect only authentic and certified diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking and IGI, GIA certified diamonds and gemstones with complete trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Diamond Studs On EMI

What’s best with Candere is that you can now come closer to buying that dream jewellery thanks to our EMI plan and purchase option, curated especially for our online buyers… Now don’t stop or limit yourself, go ahead and buy jewellery on EMI and ask for a plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase.

Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.

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