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Gemstone Earrings

(218 Items)
Jennifer Pearl Earring
Rs. 21,528 Rs. 17,222

Offer Price: Rs. 15,059 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Kyna Swarovski® Z...
Rs. 35,744 Rs. 28,595

Offer Price: Rs. 23,316 (50% Making Off)

Cyan TnT Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 16,147

Offer Price: Rs. 13,658 (50% Making Off)

Evelyn Pearl Earrings
Rs. 22,094 Rs. 17,675

Offer Price: Rs. 16,130 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Neva Green Onyx Earrings
Rs. 25,289 Rs. 20,231

Offer Price: Rs. 19,490 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Folding Leaf Swarovski® Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 23,366 Rs. 18,693

Offer Price: Rs. 15,281 (50% Making Off)

Siri Swarovski® Z...
Rs. 19,503

Offer Price: Rs. 16,544 (50% Making Off)

Lykke Islet Swarovski® Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 23,784

Offer Price: Rs. 19,399 (50% Making Off)

Elsa Islet Swarov...
Rs. 29,131

Offer Price: Rs. 24,271 (50% Making Off)

Moonga-Moti Stud Earrings
Rs. 17,740 Rs. 14,192

Offer Price: Rs. 13,501 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Rhombus Diamond Earrings
Rs. 20,420 Rs. 16,336

Offer Price: Rs. 15,119 (35% OFF on Diamond Price)

Seinna TnT Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 16,783 Rs. 13,426

Style No C017879

The Red Rose Gems...
Rs. 58,038 Rs. 46,430

Offer Price: Rs. 38,344 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

So Huey Cubic Zir...
Rs. 18,300 Rs. 14,640

Style No C017324

Wisteria TnT Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 15,167

Offer Price: Rs. 13,503 (50% Making Off)

So Me Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 19,356 Rs. 15,485

Offer Price: Rs. 12,133 (50% Making Off)


Gemstone Earrings

Now that people have begun having faith on online retailers, more and more jewellery buying happens from websites, e-stores and online. It translates into saving a lot of money, resources, time and efforts too. Candere offers a plethora of options to buy your gemstone jewellery, myriad options of designs, irresistible collections and the most competent payment and after sales services. Not only that, they also offer secure and express shipping, interest-free EMI and jewellery consultation amongst other benefits. All of these would have otherwise taken lot of effort and time and money not to mention the hassles of travelling. Be it an occasion in your life, a birthday, wedding or anniversary, an event for gifting, this is a one-stop solution for all your luxurious jewellery needs. Be rest assured, we deal in only the best quality gold and top quality gemstone jewellery products*, both of which are certified by authentic certifying bodies.

Gemstone Earrings Designs

There is a blend of all sorts of designs that one would find on an online shopping portal like Candere, from Indian to Western to fusion, Indo-Western, formal casual, dailywear, festive and wedding wear, etc. Even though, it is the wearer’s discretion when to where what, and how. The styles include some jacket earrings, that are typically an Eastern concept, in which part of the earring go in the ear from the front and second part attaches from the back, tracing the contours of the ears. In the West, this may be known also as ear crawlers. There are danglers - big and small, there are simple studs and detailed studs.

Stone Earrings

For most of these gemstone earring designs, you may also find matching piece of gemstone pendant to make a complete set of the design, to wear at cocktail parties, wedding functions and festival events. While most of the studs are simply solitaires, some may be accentuated by a circle of diamonds. The detachable earrings are those that can be worn in more than one style, using different combinations of the detachable part/s. These are so awesome because they are economical – 2-3 styles at the price of one!

Gemstone Earrings At EMI

Since most of these earrings use tremendous quantity or carat size of precious gems in addition to lots of tiny diamonds, they may be priced really high; that may be a buying deterrent. Well that should not be a big issue, because Candere extends the EMI payment option that protects your price for you and allows you to pay as per your plan. There are NO add-on charges involved in the costing like processing fee or EMI interest. A great idea to save money on luxurious purchase.

Certified Gemstone Earrings

All the gemstones, precious or semi-precious and also all the diamonds used in jewellery manufacturing at Candere are IGI certified; the metal used is BIS hallmarked. Rest assured, Candere would only sell you certified gemstone engagement rings, quite the worth for your money.

Gemstone Earrings Price

Owing to our online presence, it becomes easier to reach out to all our customers and buyers based in cities, towns and areas across India, like: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Jaipur; across the length and breadth of the country.


Designer gemstone earrings are priced on a scale of INR 16000 to 2.6 lakhs. Prices remain uniform across all of these cities and our designs, products and payment gateways are accessible on all digital devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, iPad, etc.